Huawei and P9 P9 Plus, the right strategy?

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calmly and pace, following their own schedule without directly confronting the great rivals of the smartphone market. This is the strategy that has led Huawei to become the third mobile vendor worldwide, especially thanks to its propagación by international markets.

It is not about a single terminal, has done monopolizing all segments, starting from the bottom and moving up gradually. But Mate series P and have been crucial to shed the tag Chinese cheap and build a compelling brand image for the average user.

However, as we could see in the análisis Huawei P8 so far has made great terminals on which are still missing some details to be competing at the top, and not by introductory price. Did you get Huawei models P9 and P9 Plus we just met? Are you still on track? . Yes and no

Need for diversification

One of the keys to success in 2015, perhaps the most important of all, was diversification clinging to one name. It was not only the main model, and especially Max P8 P8 Lite were able to catch two are as different as the phablet and pure midrange fishing grounds.

P9 Gama

That is the starting point of the new edition 2016. by the time we met the central version and a expanded version that changes the tagline of the Max Plus. A decision that subtracts personality change come into the fold fashion brand.

However, this year is no more changes to justify a little more the existence of different models . If on line 8 the big difference was the size of the screen (next to the battery), with reduced 5.7 inches to 5.5 inches from the top model, this factor has gone into the background. However, buyers may notice that, starting in both cases FullHD resolution, IPS panel mounted P9 while P9 Plus comes with Super AMOLED.

As we know that the raw numbers are pulling in models 2016 there is also a difference of RAM, since standard model comes with 3GB and large with 4GB (there a version of P9 with 4G of RAM that will not come to Europe). Surely it is not too critical to its performance because both move with the new processor Kirin 955 Hilicon, but it works as a differentiating promotional item.

P9 2

Even not been announced, but there are rumors that say we will go where the third party , assuming Huawei P9 Lite . If the leaks are right, we are talking about a bigger and with better performance than having the simplified version of the P8 smartphone.

Exclusivity, own and license

Soon there is talk of this milestone, but Huawei has established its own ecosystem of product almost as strongly as the other two giants to chasing the shadows, Samsung and Apple.

We’ve got tired of repeating what is the saturated smartphone market, especially in the lower and middle ranges. And we show putting facing smartphones that are almost identical in design, riding the same pieces of hardware and running the same applications. The result will be better or worse, the first tests say it’s positive, but Huawei can promote your Kirin processors as an alternative to Qualcomm and MediaTek as is done with the Exynos .

P9 Kirin

Although in this respect has the greatest potential in its agreement collaboration with Leica for the cameras. While all are scrambling to work with Sony, this old Chinese manufacturer goes to the other side of the world to achieve a more prestigious firm of Germany optimal.

As we explained in his review Kote Puerto detailed la Huawei double chamber P9 is not a supply agreement, ie, Leica does not manufacture any component as it is only a certification. However, it is supposed to guarantee quality standards that only Panasonic has achieved.

Finally, one aspect of which practically not been discussed in the presentation and could have had quite an impact, the technology TouchPlus of the extended model. This pressure-sensitive screen only recognizes two levels versus three competition and we still having found much use, but few rivals who run it.

Will it be enough to offset their weaknesses

The first assessment after meeting certain the new P9 series is clear: will continue along the same path that so well has given Until now. With a difference, it is no longer as cheap .

P9 Cam

Huawei does not seem to have any afraid to follow this second row of high-end. A design line even more careful, more extras like dual camera, fingerprint reader or the pressure sensor on the screen and exclusive items signed by proven quality companies continue to build a core of high-end.

Since then they have been far from great leaders in areas such as the screen or certification of resistance, and still have to thoroughly test the combination between Kirin and Emotion UI to ratify that deliver the performance needed.

Finally is the factor introductory price, which has been a clear loss of competitiveness . Huawei has risen to 100 euros from P8 and P9 200 euros P8 to P9 Max Plus, even with less inches. Much of the success of recent years was to have made an image of quality product without reaching prices of Samsung and Sony, leading some buyers to choose it as the most affordable standard list of high-end. This effect will disappear almost completely.

At the moment I can not assess whether it is justified by the cost of manufacturing, but the Chinese company will end up paying this overconfidence. We’ll see if other improvements are able to cushion the blow

First impression with Huawei P9 video

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Huawei and P9 P9 Plus, the right strategy?
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April 7, 2016

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