I spoke by phone with Whatsapp few hours, so it worked me

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Make llamadas from WhatsApp may be the second defendant in this service tras web version. Both have arrived but the voice still resists and dropper reaches with this unique invitation system where we have to wait for someone to call us to activate the service. It is curious anticipation when there are so many options today.

Be it as it is, and I could try and I made a few calls to try and see if really the expectation that has been generated around is such . After testing the service WhatsApp under different conditions, including long calls, this is what I found


How to activate calls Whatsapp

As mentioned, WhatsApp is a kind of invitation system by which we can make someone get calls if we get in touch with them using this service. The active time to time and yesterday, for example, there was opportunity for someone to enable us this function with a generous and free call.

The operation is simple, wait for someone to call us and ready. We just have to have the latest version (the web and Google Play worth) and make sure we are on Android as iOS and Windows Phone still is not. When we receive a call, we will activate the new interface.

Call 2

Here we see that the main menu is divided into Whatsapp three columns : calls, chats and contacts. Slide your finger can move from one to another. Personally, I think that could save the header to tell us what section are as the amount of space it occupies is generous.

Then we will icon calls in conversations and, when we start one, us an interface similar to the one we have when we use the phone appears. Here WhatsApp could exploit and giving it a facelift to the application for adjust the lines of Material Design redesign the menu calls, it’s really ugly.

Putting service test

As with the active service, start with the first quick call to check it out. In this case the sample could not be more favorable, two fiber connections WiFi (50 mbps to 100 mbps) with good coverage. The call is heard with no problems and lag is acceptable although at first it seems that it costs a little more.

No sound as clear as Skype or Facebook Messenger but works without a problem . Note that the background noise (my father wondering how active you WhatsApp on your iPhone 6 Plus) is distorted in a strange way as happens when I make a normal or with another service call. Well, first test is successful.

Call In a two-minute call, this is what has consumed me with data.

We tried now with 4G exterior and interior. Where I live I have a very good reception so the signal arrives without a problem. We continue to make calls with both under this network and the quality is identical to a WiFi network. You hear smoothly and with a slight delay acceptable. We talked for about five minutes and see, the manager of Android, I’ve spent roughly 800 KB in making the call, the number is acceptable.

Now we come to a hard test, I set my phone to who only have 3G connection and make a call to a number that is with mobile data but with limited speed bonus has ended. Ie, 64 kbps. I call and see that this ridiculous bandwidth not give anything . Is choppy, noisy, impossible to communicate properly.

Not so much a failure optimization by WhatsApp but this speed connections are terrible for any task that requires some speed. We continue testing the service and make a long call over WiFi indoor and one in the street as if we did voice. Through sites with little signal, moving in and out to public transport

Call 1

The quality suffers a little at times but generally meets both if we make a short call as if we want to throw a good time talking. Well connected not lose the call but most adverse situations sometimes disconnects and tries to recover the signal.

Having tried several services, I believe WhatsApp has finally arrived but it’s late. What it offers is good and there is no doubt that given the flip has the service will be many who dare to use it but quality level is correct, nothing more. I am a regular user of VoIP when I am abroad and what I’ve tried so far has not surprised me .

WhatsApp arrives late and does so with a service which meets on a day to day but it is not up to expectations. There are better alternatives in terms of quality.

For me the reference in Android is Facebook Messenger. Calls with high quality and safe small cuts work well. Skype is also another option to consider but the amount of battery consumption on mobile makes it a secondary option. When I travel in the US I use the first to call Spain through data (prepaid SIM USA) and I solved this need very well.

A leap in VoIP? Currently there

The question remains whether WhatsApp will finally step forward for voice calls over IP to normal and not something niche. There is no doubt at this point that many have tried to infinity of services that we use but none ever has.

Does WhatsApp better than your competitors? No, but su expansion and popularity gives it potential to boost category. However, is not as simple as having a large user base . To this must be added the technological adaptation and supply of mobile operators through their data rates. Some are very attractive, as Telstra presented at MWC, but let’s face it, the time has not come yet.

You can encourage many to test them first but few will use regularly. To this must be added the way we communicate has changed is that more and more tend to be asynchronous. Send a message (text or voice) and that the other person read it when you can, without compromise them to be in that moment of time to respond. There they are, and at some point reach but not definitively indicate that they are to popularize VoIP calls. . At least not in the short term

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I spoke by phone with Whatsapp few hours, so it worked me
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March 7, 2015

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