‘Lambs of God’: an interesting thriller about Church, faith and piety in which the story loses bellows

'Lambs of God': an interesting thriller about Church, faith and piety in which the story loses bellows

Although it is not prodiguen much outside of the continent, once in a while Australia produces series quite interesting as, for example, ‘The Slap’ or ‘Secret City’. Series premise interesting and developed so solvent. I personally had a lot of curiosity by ‘Lambs of God‘, the new australian production that has brought HBO Spain.

And I called the attention by having in its main cast with Ann Dowd (Aunt Lydia in ‘The tale of the maid‘), Essie Davies (‘The Babadook‘), Sam Reid (‘Prime Suspect 1973’) and Jessica Barden (‘The End of The F***ing World‘). Names that, even if they are not ultraconocidos, yes you have managed to call the attention in his filmography.

Based on the homonymous novel by Marele Day, in ‘Lambs of God’ we find the story of three nuns of different ages, of the order of Santa Inés (Agnes is the equivalent of Agnes, which means lamb, accentuating still more the symbolism) that have been isolated in a dilapidated and remote convent.

Your peace of mind, and a strange routine to be broken when a young priest (Reid), who has come to inspect the convent with hidden intentions. The bishop seems to have decided that it is the ideal place to build a resort and the only three sisters of St. Agnes will fight to stay on an island in the decades, have been forgotten.

A debate in key female

Under a premise that in spite of being quite view can give enough of himself, ‘Lambs of God’ do not survive to their interesting ideas. It is clear that it is a thriller: father Ignatius is not at all welcome, and from the first moment it is aware that you are in territory completely hostile. Your life will be, almost from the beginning, in danger. 

on the one hand it is a story about the monastic life (and austere) compared to the ambition of the ecclesiastical hierarchy. But it is also the “the evil that men do” and that is reflected in the mode of storytelling of this trio of sister as an expression of their own experiences. is Beauty and The Beast and Little Red riding hood have always hidden warnings strong about the dangers that surround us and are used here to let us know why they act as they act the protagonists.

In this sense, ‘Lambs of God’ does not stop to highlight the metamorphosis that have been suffering from stories, mythologies and beliefs throughout history. The beautiful scenery of the blue Mountains, us transport you to another time and place (the british island dummy), one in which the mother nature has conquered man’s hand (the chapel and the statue of the virgin completely invaded by branches) and in which the christian and the pagan melt and becomes indistinguishable.


So that we can consider the quartet of protagonists (with a very good deal) is not, in the background, very different between its parts. Ignatius is a righteous man, a worshipper of God but does not exempt from temptation; Margaret (Dowd), as well as Aunt Lydia, it seems the voice of conscience, the fear of divine punishment if not complied with the votes. There is, at all times, a shade of religiosity, superstitious: things will go well if we do the right things.

Faith, magic, superstition, and religiosity go hand in hand in a series that does something uphill with your story. There I think that Sarah Lambert, as a screenwriter of the series, not the end of making the right decision when to present the events as the characters. It sees clearly what it wants to have and what you’re talking about but the script fails to run as well as it could be.

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‘Lambs of God’: an interesting thriller about Church, faith and piety in which the story loses bellows
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