Manage to ‘hack’ a speaker, intelligent with a laser pointer

Speakers smart are becoming popular in spite of the security risks already described. If these risks were not already enough to think twice about their purchase, we now know that, in addition, these devices are easily manipulated. The last thing is that have managed to hack a speaker, intelligent with a laser pointer.Is what has made a group of researchers from the University of Electrocomunicaciones of Tokyo (Japan) and the University of Michigan (united States). Have managed to control devices such as the Wizard of Google, Alexa or Siri pointing a laser microphone on the speaker to undertake actions how to turn on or off lights, open doors and even turn on a car as they explained on their website.These actions would be made by orders silent, through the light and over 105 metres of distance. The researchers have that discovered that the microphone of the speaker smart responds to the laser light as if it were sound. This is possible through a small piece called a diaphragm that moves when it receives a sound.By using the laser found that could emulate the movement of the sound and make the system act as if it had received an order. Have discovered the vulnerability but at the time they propose how to fix the problem. Everything happens for a redesign of the microphones.So, propose the use of multiple microphones instead of one to pick up the sound, because laser affects only a microphone. Also suggest to reduce the amount of light received by the diaphragm through materials opacos.De time, waiting for the speakers to be redesigned, the researchers give us some safety guidelines to which our speaker is safe from these manipulations:
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Manage to ‘hack’ a speaker, intelligent with a laser pointer
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November 6, 2019

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