Meizu, the story behind one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of Android


There are a few Chinese companies as Xiaomi or Oppo of which we hear from time to time, but not officially installed outside China. Today we talk about Meizu , a great Android smartphone manufacturer from China.

The interest we have in Meizu is basically their last end of which we will talk. Let’s review his beginnings, his great trouble competing in China and how they have finally achieved a high-end smartphone with its own store and a way of working in which they firmly believe and expect it to report many benefits.

Getting Started

Like most technology companies, Meizu’s first product was not an Android smartphone. MP3 players represented a source of excellent income and an opportunity to start implementing their methodology.

During those early years, combined manufacture products for other devices with a pair of manufacturing itself. These MP3s had levels good enough sound quality to the competition notice them. Meizu M6 player line had a good support and a lot of technical information, but a poor design. One aspect that over time they realized that they must solve.

responsible for bringing to fruition company was its CEO, Jack Wong, actually called Huang Zhang. Before creating Meizu, got a great experience in audio products with a Singapore company called Soken.


In part of this experience, achieved sales J.Wong and notable figures. In 2006, more than ten billion yuan. This success so notorious in China was due to the unique situation they found. Local products of poor quality and had and were worth, were of domestic manufacture, an aspect that in the country of the rising sun is taken into account.

This product amalgam was born an idea, which was none other than those little screens make it big, touch and he could call. Based on several controversial influences launched Meizu M8, its first smartphone equipped with Windows CE 6.0, touch screen 3.4 “and 256MB of RAM.

It was not until three years later when they decided to take another big step. Looking at market trends bet on Android as the operating system Meizu M9 , its first smartphone with decent specifications to compete with other manufacturers. The same Galaxy S Hummingbird chip, qHD resolution in 3.5 “and Android 2.3.

The Meizu M9 already had some applications from the mark, but it was not until his next generation when decidedly bet to build an entire ecosystem itself. They were the first steps of a manufacturer who had spent to build MP3s to join the Android community.

The MX range is earthbound in Android

Meizu joins the party releasing the dual-core mobile range. The Meizu MX comes with Ice Cream Sandwich and a new interface called FlyMe OS that would become home to the M9 and it has been a great success as we shall see. The quality of these new smartphones Meizu has evolved . At first only noted for their good sound, but have ended up being a great choice in quality / price.

The Meizu MX-quad was the first quad-core smartphone, ahead of the Galaxy S3 and presenting a new version of FlyMe that was very similar to the apple system. In March this year comes the Meizu MX2 , an excellent smartphone to rival the Nexus 4 both in price and specifications, quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and HD screen.


Despite being quite competitive, they failed good results in sales. eclipsed them Samsung Galaxy S3 that came before yours, prompting lose out by comparison despite the price. In addition to this, several bugs in the second version of OS 2.0 FlyMe upset many users. In vain to quickly update Jelly Bean 4.1 or to count with great support.

Rivalry with Apple and Xiaomi

The road to success has not been easy for Meizu. The Chinese market is extremely competitive and although their quality has had to deal with other major industry. Especially is famous for its clashes with Apple and Xiaomi .

All this struggle was organized internally from general facilities Meizu in Zhuhai . J. Wong despite not having technical studies is highly respected in Meizu. It is called with grandiose names and methods have made him and his staff in a young company of the best considered the country to work .


The Meizu founder sold his shares, but has ensured that your company is present in over 400 stores throughout China and Hong Kong. The workflow of Wong surprised many, no wonder the boss himself directly answered in the forums of the brand, ones that have millions of registered users. Meizu community was and is one of its main advantages.

were used forums and blogs to complain about stability issues and then this same channel was used to inform the software update that solved, creating a great sense of community and support by the manufacturer. users sponsored events and changed all defective phones.

This emphasis was detrimental advertising , a sector in which Wong was clear that he would not spend the budget of your company. Joined the confusion generated change your name MX range without notice have a fit caused quite murky.

“Going further is more important to get faster.” A slogan Zhang Huang himself used to inspire your team. Among them is imperative to appoint the right hand current CEO and Wong, Bai Yongxiang, Meizu leading man during the day. an interview , the Chinese leader takes a look at as its advertising policy caused many problems, but that is part of the DNA of the company .


Bai recalls what led to the accusation of plagiarism. The year was 2007 and accused (as well happened to other companies ) that Meizu products were a carbon copy of Apple. Bai says as Wong had to defend himself by saying that even bore a clear resemblance M8 presentation was a few days before the iPhone and therefore had not been based on it. In vain the entire budget for the manufacture own high resolution screens or teach her first designs several years earlier. The damage was done.

This confrontation between Apple and Meizu comes from long ago when the Chinese brand MP3s imitated until apple hulls. A case this time difficult to justify.


Not only with foreign brands have had problems. Oppo caricatured them with their quirky ads (with up to DiCaprio among its services), but against Xiaomi who maintain direct competition.

Xiaomi has a similar strategy in question Meizu advertising and price / quality is just excellent. Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi, had numerous run-ins with J.Wong. To the extent that name the leader of competition is banned in the Meizu forums.

This enmity is also transferred to the system, as Miliao, the messaging system is locked Xiaomi Meizu smartphones and can not be installed. Some have been deaf and have managed to install a MIUI ROM on a MX2 , right where it hurts.

FlyMe MX3 3.0 OS, a consolidated product

This summer arrives with us Meizu terminal which has pinned its hopes to return to compete on equal terms with the other brands. The Meizu MX3 , high-end terminal, five inches and comes with the third version of its OS FlyMe.

Following the trend of increasing the size of the screens, the panel has been developed by Sharp and Japan Display and offers us a rare resolution. 1800 × 1080 pixels, 15:9 format and a density of 415ppi. At the level of most big screens we see today, but we wonder if this strange proportion will be compatible with all apps or give a scaling problem.


The MX3 is a great smartphone, at the height of any Chinese high-end smartphone. The processor chosen is the powerful Exynos 5 octa that Samsung did not dare to put on the international version of the Galaxy S4 (not LTE , no party). And it’s the first smartphone that has the 128Gb option , the price shoots in proportion, but it may be interesting to some.

Complete specifications Meizu’s MX3 are:

  • 5.1 inches screen of 1,800 × 1,080 pixels, 415ppi
  • 5 octa Exynos 5410 (ARM big.LITTLE) 1.6 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A15 + 1.2 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7
  • PowerVR SGX544

  • MP3
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 16/32/128 Gb storage
  • 8MP rear camera Sony sensor, f2.0 aperture
  • 2400 mAh battery
  • NFC, dual-band WiFi, and Bluetooth 4.0
  • Wolfson sound chip
  • 139.0 x 71.9 x 9.1 mm and weighs 143 grams
  • $ 410 (16 GB), $ 650 (128 GB)

The MX3 has a very nice design , with an integration screen on the computer that gets a frame of only 2.9 mm. A materials and weights within the range seen in high and rounded edges that give it a very nice touch.

The battery and camera come from Sony, Samsung processor and Fujitsu has introduced a small coprocessor dedicated to flash up to 20 images per second. The smartphone has already been scrapped , their sound Wolfson (which also incorporate the Galaxy) heard and camera already have images made to check quality.

Another novelty of the MX3 is the complete renovation of FlyMe OS , solving most of the errors I had and upgrading to Android 4.2 . This change follows the minimalist philosophy of “less is more” and incorporates a simple flat design (again the winds of inspiration) with its bar to search in addition to the system of Google and incorporating a app store itself, the FlyMe Store , which was launched in November 2009.


The Play Factory Store is not on their smartphones, but you can easily install the Google Play Services. Your Store reached 100 million downloads a few months ago, and has more than 10000 funny apps, public very Asian style.

policy Updates of Meizu is quite complete, will be introduced as a online music service, but still have not announced at any time updating to Android 4.4 Flyme 3.0 KitKat. It is not known even the official update to Flyme 3.0 of its previous model, the MX2, but is believed to be falling. What I have presented in Flyme 3.1 OS, an update fixes some bugs and improves applications contacts, notes, and emails that come from the factory.

International Expansion, how to buy from Spain

At the moment Meizu exceeded European certification s and opened the way to import from Europe (or Latin). This however does not mean that the Chinese brand is landing still around here.

not have to worry about coverage in our country since used frequency bands are compatible with our networks. Here you can send a terminal vendors to Meizu our house.

The Meizu MX2 is priced around 300 €, Rates Shipping included. Sending differs depending on who we buy, but generally will or by EMS / DHL or airmail. I find in Liaow , Alienexpress , Comprarmovileschinos , ibuygou or pandawill .

I have also recently , which has undergone a major downgrade that leaves for 249 €.


Meizu About the MX3 , we can import into the black model (white out now in China). The presale offers very competitive prices. In Alienexpress we have it for $ 490, a € 360 to change. A price close to the official price and where as we are importing, suppliers do not apply the change of one dollar, one euro.

Meizu official prices MX3, once the changeover to the euro, are:


  • MX3
      € 305 16GB version

      MX3 Meizu

    • € 325 32GB version
    • MX3 Meizu

    • 64GB version € 375
    • Meizu

    • MX3 128GB version € 480 (although this model is intended only for use with China Mobile).

    Another option is to buy from , but this time the price is higher than other suppliers.

    FlyMe OS is in Chinese, English and Russian. There is no news that translate in more languages ​​think, therefore we have to clarify with English used in the apps (very basic). At this point we come to see that between now plans international expansion does not enter.

    Sooner or later it happens it is a large company that has reaped success at home. Perhaps waiting to Xiaomi dares from the hand of Hugo Barra to leave China. These manufacturers have realized that their handsets have the specifications and quality sufficient to arouse the interest of users all over the world, and if Samsung, ZTE and Huawei have come, why Xiaomi or Meizu can not?

    The hardware used in these smartphones is much more accessible, far has been when the Chinese mobile processors only had access to Mediatek. Meizu is a premium brand, a clear example of the booming economy of their country. And with so many years behind, it is time that you begin to know a little more of it out China.

    More info Official Meizu (EN) / MeizuME

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    Meizu, the story behind one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of Android
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