Moovit 3.0: all information and public transport routes on your Android

public transport is the companion of many of us every day . Whether to move to work, to school, or just because it is more convenient and cheaper than using your own vehicle. However, many times these trips in public transport can be a real headache if you do not know schedules, lines, routes, delays, and so on of factors that can not reach our destination promptly. To avoid this, we have a great Android app available and is free. This is Moovit , an App from my partner Adrian I spoke at a Grab Bag section last September, but recently updated to version 3.0 , making it a great partner for our travel by public transport.

Moovit is an application that allows us to plan our trips to millimeter , being able to choose the route to be followed at all times and on all public transport, either bus, subway, train, tram, etc. watching live as we travel our journey details , map, schedules and time arrival of the transports. Moovit has public transportation information from cities around the World, but for now, in Spain, Madrid supports only (with transport EMT Madrid Metro, Light Rail, Commuter Rail) and Barcelona (TMB, TRAM, FGC, Nitbus), but hopefully they will improve and expand the list over time.

So, from the application, which has a design and interface very simple and clear to use, can planning travel from point to point in the city , by selecting the type of transport we want and tours. In the city, we will be informed at all times and in real time of details like waiting and arrival times, traffic information, estimated time delays, alarms, etc.. All such information is collected from the users of the application, so all data built collaboratively and the more the use, are more accurate and reliable data.

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From Moovit can also check individual schedules all transportation lines need, consult the travel history or save our favorite locations to have on hand the quickest route to them. Moovit is completely free from Google Play in Spanish and support from Android 2.3.3.

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Moovit 3.0: all information and public transport routes on your Android
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