New collection of bands for the Apple Watch Pin & Buckle

Pin & Buckle is a company that offers bands for the Apple Watch made only with the finest leather. The bands are compatible with all the Apple Watch, from the series 1 to 5, and each band comes with adapters and stainless steel buckles available in silver, black or gold.

The collection Lux has bands of high quality leather that are durable and are aging with time, acquires a natural patina. The bands have a finish with tannins that are natural to achieve deeper colors, and in addition give the leather its characteristic color. Now adds the new color to Chestnut brown, in addition to the black already available above.

The collection Velour is made of suede, velvety, very soft. It is available in blue Azure, grey Pebble and peach and Peach.

The collection Epson is made with leather-textured that is resistant to stains and water. It is a collection designed for people who have a more active lifestyle. It is available in three colors: green Forest, white, Ivory, and orange and Royal.

All the bands come in a face of synthetic leather which can also be used as a case for the Apple Watch. The bands have a price of 98 dollars and can be purchased through the website in the Pin & Buckle.


New collection of bands for the Apple Watch Pin & Buckle
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November 29, 2019

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