Nova Launcher 6.0 is already here: we look to fund all of its new

Nova Launcher 6.0 is already here: we look to fund all of their news

After more than six months of waiting and various beta versions, the popular application launcher, Nova Launcher officially launches the version 6.0 stable for around the world.

Nova Launcher 6.0 is full of important news, all available in its free version, which offer us more ways to customize our application launcher. Then we went over nine what’s new in Nova Launcher:

Customize icons

Customize Form

Nova Launcher allows us to customize the shape of the icons adaptive to our device. To do this we just have to go to Settings Nova – > Appearance > Style icons and in the “icon” click on Customize. There we can customize the shape of the icons, adjusting the time for each corner.

Adjust icon size of the desktop


In Settings Nova > Desktop > Dock > icon arrangement found the new option “Adjust the size of the desktop. This option does is put the icons of the app drawer the same size as the icons on the desktop. The size of the desktop icons will change from Settings Nova > Desktop > Distribution of the icons.

New window mode: immersive


In Settings Nova – > Folders > window Style now we can select the new immersive mode that opens a folder to full size instead of in a small window.

horizontal Scrolling or vertical-folders


If you get out of those settings found in the bottom the new option travel direction which allows us to select a** horizontal scrolling or vertical** for the icons of the folders.

The shape of the folder is adapted to the shape of the icon adaptive


In Settings > Folders > Appearance of the icons of folders we can now select the new option adaptive that we change the way the folder with the same selected shape of the icons.

Customize the search bar in app drawer

Search Drawer

For the first time, we can customize the integrated search bar in the app drawer with the same options that we find to the finder desktop. To do this we have to go to Settings Nova – > app Drawer > Style of the search bar.

to Change the default search engine between Google or Nova


If you don’t like the Google search engine now you can change it by Nova Search. To do this tap on the search bar of the desktop and change the search window.

join the Wizard of Google in the search bar

Nova Assistant

you can Also add a shortcut to the Wizard of Google in the search bar, to do this to customize the search bar select “Assistant” option in the “Search by voice”.

Enhancements in the settings

Settings Nova

finally, the last novelty that we find in Nova Launcher 6.0 are its renewed settings, we now show a description at all your options and moving the option to “Dock” to the settings from the “Desktop”.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

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Nova Launcher 6.0 is already here: we look to fund all of its new
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March 2, 2019

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