‘Nurse Jackie’ a cowardly way to the unheroic model Showtime

‘Nurse Jackie’ a cowardly way to the unheroic model Showtime

With the end of ‘ Nurse Jackie ‘ goodbye not only one of the great series of the 2000s, also put an end to the TV model that brought much joy to Showtime at the time. Dexter Morgan, Nancy Botwin and company defined a way to make fiction based on excess and the villain as a character main protagonist, but eventually all of the same sin: excessive elongation in the left limbo between recognition and oblivion.

‘Nurse Jackie’ was the same, memorable first two seasons and then go repeating again and again the same pattern over and over again . True, as always happens in the series that were once memorable, occasionally flashes hope we did were – was almost a apologize to the spectators but did not last long. In his latest installment of episodes he has managed to recoup a little, if only for that aura closing that emanated from all chapters.

Jackie Peyton is the least

The evolution of Jackie in the seventh season has been, once again, the same thing: me caught, do as I do, but ultimately not . The only difference between this cycle of the above is fatal overdose ¿? Jackie, something that showed slightly in any previous season and are now even able to complete

‘Nurse Jackie’ a cowardly way to the unheroic model Showtime

Hard to believe that Clyde Phillips, his showrunner , has chosen this option open as they knew perfectly the show would not go on for months. In his head había other end, one in which Jackie decided away from it all in a moment of confusion by fire in the hospital; it would have been an equal end of cowardly, but at least it would mean restarting the cycle.

In any case, there are several things to note about Jackie in that last episode, mainly in their religious connotations -the confirmation Fi, washing feet to a wanderer, Eddie’s confession in the chapel and the final sentence of Zoey , “ You’re good “, a play on words between” You all right “and” You’re good “and a nod to the first episode, when Jackie read:” do me good, Lord, but not . “

Zoey, the real reason for ‘Nurse Jackie’

In closing characters, the series has been much more prolific among the supporting cast. Merritt Weaver again to honor the candy character you have with Zoey Barkow -for that already has an Emmy and who should have a second this year and has led fluently but a bittersweet end necessary. Jackie forgive but choose to continue with your life as much as I hurt. That dance in front of the hospital is perhaps the last bit of a finished relationship

‘Nurse Jackie’ a cowardly way to the unheroic model Showtime

Not only she has had her dose, Thor also closes the loop with their future wedding and recuperate Akalitus his relationship with his son. Until Tony Shalhoub’s character gets a more satisfactory closing that of the protagonist, and should not be difficult to see him nominated for an Emmy this year. I do not forget Coop, the child locked in the body of a Greek God not reached the end of the series, but also decided to move on to adversity.

The final model of Showtime

As I said earlier, with ‘Nurse Jackie’ the black disappears, and anti-heroic excessive television that began back in 2000 with ‘Queer as Folk’ and had its main components in series as ‘Dexter’, ‘Weeds’ and ‘Californication’; all too long and, therefore, in a limbo where no one knows whether they were good or bad

‘Nurse Jackie’ a cowardly way to the unheroic model Showtime My relationship with ‘Nurse Jackie’ staggered years for a different reason of its argument. In 2011, ‘Nurse Jackie’ and ‘United States of Tara’ disputed a single hole in the grill of Showtime, which finally ended with the cancellation in extremis series of Toni Collette. It was one of the most painful cancellations, and at that time believed that “Tara” could still give more of themselves. Showing the evolution of “Jackie” from that moment, I do not know whether to rejoice or be angry ; glad to have closed the show at the right time; angry so fresh it was the character of Tara Gregson against a finished Jackie Peyton.

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‘Nurse Jackie’ a cowardly way to the unheroic model Showtime
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‘Nurse Jackie’ a cowardly way to the unheroic model Showtime
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