Permission Manager off Android 4.4 KitKat and how to continue using it in Android 4.3

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With the arrival of Android 4.3 to our devices, there are many who have thought about what improvements this update brings Jelly Bean. Well, there is some tool hidden inside the operating system called Permission Manager , which thanks to a downloadable application on Play Store , we may modify all permissions used by the applications installed on our terminal provided have installed version 4.3 of Android.

is essential to clarify this because as we can see in the profile Jean-Christophe Google+ , creator of the application Permission Manager , in the new version of Android 4.4 KitKat , can not have access to this system function . It is still unknown why Google has decided to disable this feature of the operating system but hopefully as you go throwing minor updates this feature becomes available because for many it is a quiet respite in terms of the security of your device.

It is true that some users are very concerned about the safety of your device as it may have important information stored and distrust the application permissions to access the terminal information. That’s why if you have Android 4.3 installed on your device, you can still take a chance on this application before upgrading your terminal. Permission Thanks to users who are concerned about security may sleep peacefully configured to your liking having permissions of installed applications. The safety of our devices is essential.

Using Permission Manager once installed

If you have Android 4.3 installed on your terminal and you’ve decided to take a chance on Permission Manager before upgrading to 4.4 KitKat, you can simply install the application and access it like any other.

Application on Google Play

Once we have agreed we will see we will find a list of applications according to a tab . The application provides four types of tabs: Location (location), Personal , Messaging (Messaging) and Device (Device). Within each of the tabs can see a list of applications that are using such permits and accessing it can disable the permissions to which we do not want to access each of the applications.

There to clarify one thing, in case you want to disable a permission to an application, it must have been initiated at least once since installation , otherwise it will not find it in the list because yet the device will have provided asking permission.

So, if you have installed on your device Android 4.3 Jelly Bean , do not hesitate to take a look at this application before to update your terminal and gestionad as you please the permissions allowed to each of the applications of your device. In my opinion, it’s a way to stay calm and make sure our information is safe in our terminal.

What do you think about that Google have deleted this application in Android 4.4 Kitkat?, Do you think subsequent updates will be available again?, comentad your opinion!

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Permission Manager off Android 4.4 KitKat and how to continue using it in Android 4.3
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November 13, 2013

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