Samsung Homesync Lite: Your own personal cloud

homesync lite For some time resonates always that magic word, bucolic, idyllic automatically associate the remote storage. This is the cloud that lives its golden age with many special applications and services that we offer the advantage of storing and maintaining sync our files on a remote storage, outside our homes. Something that really are not new but thanks to applications and utilities that has imposed itself as a solution not only professional, but also staff.

Samsung seems to be immune to this trend, and after presenting the news last week in terminals, so did a pretty interesting service. A concept is not new, but what makes us really easy. Homesync Lite is an application easy steps will allow us to create our own cloud. This means that we will have our home PC as a storage center and can access it and its files, either HDD or USB, and remote access.

A solution that is free to start, and that at all times we will be using our own computer as a server. In addition to remote access our archives, we also backup of your mobile phone, and there is no limitation in the type of files you can upload and synchronize.

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It really is a very practical solution for anyone who wants to escape the cloud services because they cause some suspicion, to have synchronized family only, or just to have an alternative method with which to have on hand what you most need for the job. You can synchronize up to 5 accounts, and each account can have up to 6 paired devices so that there is considerable scope for domestic use.

course is limited to Samsung devices, so that all those who have basic a Samsung, you can enjoy the benefits of this personal cloud. For those who do, there are similar solutions as those already I explain in this article.

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Samsung Homesync Lite: Your own personal cloud
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June 23, 2013

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