Smart buses that show specific ads to users

Smart Buses that show specific ads to users

On April 1 start driving on the roads in Kawasaki, a city in Japan, a bus will know the type of user you are inside (sex, age and total number) to display targeted ads to that group.

The city of Kawasaki, Japan, has launched a smart bus that promises to revolutionize several concepts. The first is the propeller, finally begins to be common for new buses are electric and sufficient for the journey smoothly autonomy. The second, and is the novel, is that we have smart buses, which can identify the type of bus users (sex, estimated age …) and number, to show targeted advertising users.

How many times have you gone Bus and advertising you can get to be installed has nothing to do with what you need, you want to …? Smart buses, like the one just introduced, is capable of detecting the number of occupants, gender and even age to determine what type of ads displayed. It also has a camera and a sensor that is connected to a computer system to understand trends and to make a calendar.

This intelligent bus start operations on April 1.

On the screens for advertising information will also be displayed as location of the emergency exit in case of an accident. But what is important is advertising and which the company is responsible, is not worth an announcement about a new sports car when users are retired.

This type of intelligent bus beyond its electrical nature, can be a very interesting way to reduce the average cost of a fare . If the advertiser considers will reach your advertising to a very specific target in which believe they can do any conversion, the cost could do that either the fare is reduced, or the company makes more money. This is an important decision if we are talking of public or private transport, but since then the debate is exciting


Smart buses that show specific ads to users
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March 31, 2015

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