Snapseed for Android: White balance, perspective and filter face are some of its new products

Snapseed 2.9

update after update Snapseed continues to prove he is still king among photo editors for our Android devices. Not to improve with each new version launching, adding new tools and features

A few weeks ago we allowed [add beautiful text to your photos] (Snapseed for Android now lets you add beautiful text on your photos now in its update to the version 2.9 presents two new tools, a new filter and a new option to save images to the highest quality .

white Balance and perspective

Snapseed 2.9

Snapseed for Android 2.9 now allows us to adjust the white balance with his new tool with which we can adjust the temperature and tone of our photos. we can give you the color tone we want our hand, or match automatically or using the eyedropper option.

the Transform option has been replaced by the new Perspective tool which is much more complete, now we can adjust the perspective of our photos with greater control, dragging each of the corners of the image.

Face Filter

Snapseed 2.9

The new Face filter highlight and enhance the faces of the photographs, smoothing the skin and giving more clarity to the eyes. The filter includes default five preset filters, but we can always adjust the filter to our liking.

Format and quality

Snapseed 2.9

Snapseed finally allows us to choose which formed and we want to keep our quality editions we can now choose from three quality in JPG or PNG save our photos so that no detail is not lost

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Snapseed for Android: White balance, perspective and filter face are some of its new products
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August 31, 2016

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