So is Facebook Local, your ally, to find the best plan


  • The tool allows you to control all the events that happen around us.
  • it Is integrated by a database that has 70 million business pages, to find fun things.
  • The new platform does not have advertising.


At the end of last year we met a new app from Facebook, a platform called Events from Facebook arrived to Android as a division to be able to have controlled all events that happen around us.

This application, recently called Facebook Local, which allows you to find fun things to do with your friends, and all this is thanks to a data base that integrates 70 million pages of business, like all the reviews existing of the same, as indicated by andro4all, in your web page.

This new platform adds shops, bars, restaurants and other events to enjoy with your friends for a good time. In addition, it should be noted, that the application has no advertising (of time).

The social network highlights a number of aspects for which the app can be useful and interesting, such as, for example, to check on our calendar all the events nearby, or simply explore places of interest and things to do close to where we are.


So is Facebook Local, your ally, to find the best plan
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November 17, 2017

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