Superheroes: Yesterday vs. Today

Superheroes: yesterday vs. today

superheroes live a golden age in which each both have premieres on both screens, is a good time to see the differences between yesterday and today.

the universe of superheroes has grown like wildfire in recent years; know very well the Marvel has ambitious plans in the future and therefore we are enjoying every film premiere major titles. Not only this house superhero has made it big, also DC has been launched into the ring. Not long ago enjoyed in the cinema to their highest characters on a single tape: Superman href=”” Batman v .

Sea of ​​signing it, superheroes have always had, to a greater or lesser degree and with varying quality, presence on screen and, of course, in the print medium that has led to the hearts of many for generations: the comic

So, with the passage of time, superheroes have had different stages, interpretations. authors (graphics and stories) and actors who have played. The following is a small collection of the latter. It is a sign of its evolution that in some cases it may be for good or ill.

Batman 1943 and 2016

In the picture we can see the Batman played by Lewis Wilson. It was first performed during the Second World War, in the 15 chapters of this Batman series is devoted to beat a Japanese archenemy, Dr. Daka. Nearby, the latest Batman href=”” we met in this 2016 film ‘ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ‘Zack Snyder and was played by Ben Affleck misunderstood.


The Amazing Spider-Man 1977 and 2016

In 1977 this film was released for TV; Later, in 1980, there would be a series with the same name; the tape is considered as the pilot of the same chapter. Then the great Spidey was played by Nicholas Hammond. Beside him we see the Spider-Man played by Tom Holland in Captain America. Civil War


Thor 1988 and 2013

In the first image we see the carrier Mjolnir played by Eric Allan Kramer. Remember that this son of Odin appeared in The Incredible Hulk Returns in an epic encounter with the alter ego of Bruce Banner. Then we have the last Thor known on the screens, and is played by Chris Hemsworth.


Wonder Woman 1975 2016

Lynda Carter Wonder woman played in this series created by William M. Marston and Stanley Ralph Ross transmitted for several years and accumulating a total of 60 episodes. On the other hand we can see Gal Gadot in his first appearance as Diana, Princess of Themyscira Superman v Batman . Recall that in 2017, Wonder Woman, will have its own film will be directed by Patty Jenkins.



in the iconic television series, and in 1966 participated tape Cesar Romero as the crazed enemy of Batman. In the current era was the great Heath Ledger with his unforgettable portrayal who shook us sanity on the big screen in the already mythical trilogy Christopher Nolan


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 and 2016

in the first image we can see the version of these characters in the film directed by Steve Barron; in the second version we see Dave Green Ribbon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:. Out of the Shadows this 2016


The Flash 1990 and 2016

with the new titles of this fast superhero version of the 1990 series played by John Wesley Shipp it seems distant. And it is that today we have a series on The CW where Barry Allen is played by Grant Gustin and also a movie scheduled for 2018 where Ezra Miller will play this character.


the Punisher 1989 and 2016

Dolph Lundgren played the complex character for the film directed by Mark Goldblatt. Later in 2004 he came a reboot where Frank Castle was played by Thomas Jane; then, in 2008, premiered Punisher: War Zone directed by Lexi Alexander. In the picture we see the Punisher that appears in the original series Netflix, Daredevil, who is played by Jon Bernthal. In addition, this vigilante href=”” series will have its own service in this famous streaming .


Nick Fury 1998 and 2012

this other comparative can see this character in the Nick Fury tape: Agent of Shield 1998 which starred by David Hasselhoff. On the opposite side we see Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson in the Marvel Universe has been built in recent years.


Dr. Strange 1978 and 2016

This superhero magician and in 1978 had his own TV movie. It was directed by Philip DeGuere Jr. and starring Peter Hooten. During 2016 the Doctor Strange film directed by Scott Derrickson in which Benedict Cumberbatch will play this superhero magician premiere


Daredevil 2003 and 2016

Now perishes distant version of Ben Affleck Devil of Hell’s Kitchen (curious that is the only player on this list that appears before and after two different characters). With much more to offer is the href=”” Daredevil debuted on the screens of all Netflix customers in 2015. This year the second season in which Matt Murdock is played by Charlie Cox was released.



Kirk Alyn was the first actor to play Superman on screen in the film Superman , and its sequel Atom Man vs. Superman in 1950. Beside Henry Cavill appears as the man of steel. Cavill debuted as Kal-El in 2013 in the film Man of Steel directed by Zack Snyder.


Captain America 1990 and 2016

Albert Pyun was the director of the film in the early nineties in which he participated as Steve Rogers, Matt Salinger. In the new era of Marvel and its vast universe to the big screen starring Chris Evans participates.


Wolverine 2000 and 2013

last but not least, a favorite Marvel href=”” : Wolverine. This character was and has been played by Hugh Jackman. In 2017 the film directed by James Mangold in which the Australian actor last part as Wolverine premiere.



Superheroes: Yesterday vs. Today
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June 7, 2016

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