Keyword of a web and backlinks

In the territory of SEO, it is always good to review the keywords of our website, those terms for which you are positioning better, as well as backlinks or backlinks. And not only the keywords of our website or blog, but also those of the competition.

Keyword of a web and backlinks

And this is precisely what does, a web page with a very powerful system to detect both the one and the other, in addition, among many of the other parameters that allow us to know we find:

Country from where the keyword search proceeds

Direct competitors with the organic keywords.

Likewise, each item is shown with interesting graphs that help us to better understand the behavior of our website over time (for example, the traffic that the page has had according to the count of

In the left panel we find the modules that handle, like this: Organic, Advertising, Display Advertising, Backlinks, Keywords, Instruments and Ranks.

Some functions are offered in a free version, however, to access others, or to access the whole of a function you must make a paid subscription. For example, the case of the function of the backlinks, shows us the quantity, the domains and the IPs of the same, and even a short list of the links where they come from. However, and similar to what does to access the full list must be done with a subscription.

For the rest it is a very good tool that can help us to better understand the behavior of our website and, eventually, provide us with some other information that we need. I hope you visit, rehearse and give us some feedback on how you like it, what you liked or disliked.

Keyword of a web and backlinks
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