The alternative to re-parallel: how to attach mails in a Gmail email

Always discover interesting features that thanks to its simplicity just can be used with frequency. In our email account, to inform a contact of relevant aspects eventually lead to parallel re-send mails related to the context. however, Gmail has enabled the option to send your own mails as attachments.Google reported the circumstance through their official blog, in the (G Suite Updates, and after a gradual influx is already activated, a fact corroborated by the explanation available in the so-called ‘help Center’ (within ‘Gmail Help’).To attach a mail in a mail, you first have to select the mail from the appropriate tray and, once they appear marked in blue, press the right button of the mouse and give ‘Forward as attachment’. can Also be reached by this pathway if after selecting the e-mails go to the button ‘More’ in the top menu (the icon of three dots in a vertical arrangement that comes together to report on the tags).Then, these mails will appear as attachments (like JPGS, PDFS, etc) in a new mail with the special feature that are converted into EML files. After you just need to complete the e-mail with the basics as usual.It should be noted that you can also select the e-mails are desired and drag and drop them within the mail that you are composing in those moments (when you do this the text appears to ‘Move xxx conversations’).If what you want is to respond with an email with email attachments, is to give ‘to Answer’ and then the small icon located to the right of ‘Respond in a pop-up window’. that way we have the option of managing our trays of mail, select the mail in question and drag it as before.These EML files can be downloaded or viewed in windows where long threads are read with clarity and quite well. There is No limit on the number of mails with attachments, while files larger than 25 MB is sent to you via Google Drive.
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The alternative to re-parallel: how to attach mails in a Gmail email
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January 12, 2020

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