The dark mode of Facebook begins to be displayed for some users

The dark mode of Facebook begins to appear for some users

Anda that we do not have important applications in Android with dark mode, this interface is more fashionable than ever. And that is not exactly novel as the black backgrounds carry being common in the software since its inception; without it being an excuse to not rejoice in this news item: Facebook began to activate the dark mode in your Android application.

As is often the case, is not generic, but perhaps you have arrived: the interface of Facebook has been obscured to some users with only activate dark mode at the system level. We have made checks and we were able to force this mode, though still not in a natural way: despite the dark backgrounds, and menus in a shade similar, there are still some points to Polish.

Watch anticipates the dark mode on Facebook

Dark Mode Facebook dark Mode on Facebook Watch

Facebook spent time working in the dark mode for your application. And has included a small foretaste of what is stated in their video section, Facebook Watch. As has been highlighted by some users through the social networks, dark backgrounds appear if the system has activated the dark theme.

Facebook Watch is the section that has first implemented the dark mode in the app

and as you can see in some screenshots taken by the first users, Facebook anda testing the new interface that is obscured in a limited group of accounts around the world. To check if you have it active you must only do the following:

  • Activate the dark mode from the settings of your Android. If you have a mobile Samsung, OnePlus, Google, or Xiaomi in its latest versions should have that option.
  • Open the application from Facebook and checks if you have the dark mode is active. If this is not the case, you will see the funds clear usual.
  • Access to Facebook Watch and see if you interface appears dark.
  • Additionally, you can try the forced of the dark mode from the settings developer from Android 9 Foot), or with applications such as Night Mode.

As have commented on Reddit, the dark mode in the areas of application, such as Watch, it takes some weeks to appear in a generic manner, although now the mode has become quite more common. It would be the advance payment of the expected interface that is obscured is a little time to become reality in Android.

Facebook Dark Mode Forced mode dark of Facebook (not official)

In the screenshots included in this article, we managed to activate the dark mode of Facebook through the forced mode (ColorOS 6.0 has that setting in the options beta for some OPPO and Realme). The aspect of Facebook is consistent, also the overall experience and the style of the menu, but what they reflect the images do not have to be the final appearance. Now you just need the company to distribute to the whole world the new way, and that include a theme selector from the configuration settings: in this way anyone with the app could choose their preferred look. Like that happens in Facebook Messenger, for example.

Via | Android Police

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The dark mode of Facebook begins to be displayed for some users
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November 25, 2019

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