‘The house of paper’ will be the new series of Antena 3

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We are early in the year, and we already have new projects of fiction national of that speak to you. And are very interesting, in the line of new Spanish productions that seem to have said goodbye definitively to the dramedy’s white for all the public to bet for frames and arguments more intense.

The latest example is the new format that is already working Antenna 3, is called ‘The house of stock‘ and is part of the genre thriller. The story tells of a robbery in the National Factory of Currency and Timbre. The authors of the same have a plan to print money as legal tender which they can use after.

The series, which is set up in a single season, focuses on the twelve days that the thieves and the 67 hostages who are prisoners are confined in the institution. Everything seems to indicate that filming will begin this month and are already known to some of its main protagonists: Ursula Corbéro and Alba Flores will be a prominent character. Other names will be Paco Tous and Michael Herrán.

‘The house of paper’ this is a original idea of Álex Pina, who for years has worked in Globomedia developing series such as ‘The boat‘ or ‘Vis a vis‘. Now, start off with your new production company, Vancouver Media, which is premiered in this new project that seems pretty ambitious. And you, what do you think of this new series?

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Oops Tv! | ‘Pulsaciones’ do you want to be a thriller different, and anthology, for Antena 3

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‘The house of paper’ will be the new series of Antena 3
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January 6, 2017

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