‘The minimum island’ gets to be the second highest grossing film in its opening weekend


  • Alberto Rodriguez thriller grossed 900,000 euros the weekend.
  • The first place continued to occupy ‘The Maze Runner’.
  • ‘The child’ is maintained between blockbuster and was the third most watched.

 The minimum island

After the well received in the Recent San Sebastian Film Festival , the thriller The minimum island led Seville Alberto Rodriguez , was released in Spanish cinemas 900,000 collection , according to provisional data from Rentrak Spain . It was the second highest grossing, second only The Maze Runner 1 million euros.

The Maze Runner repeated in the number 1 Spanish and about 3 million a week and a half show. As for The minimum island represents the third best debut for a Spanish production surpassed by Eight Basque surnames and The child precisely another thriller and still among the favorites of the public.

In particular, the movie Daniel Monzón also won 900,000 euros, and accumulated a great 13.3 million since its release in late August.

Two Spanish productions occupy places of honor in our booth, and each would have attracted A figure close to 130,000 spectators.

At some distance, the fourth place was the A trip 10m , , you entered EUR 300,000 followed by Lucy with , which resists to leave the top of our hit parade . The past weekend was fifth with 200,000 and reaches 9.5 million to 5 ½ weeks cartel.

Also new last Friday, Delivery , had to settle for sixth position; target=”_blank”> while animation Operation Peanut was seventh Hercules octave The most wanted man ninth and Maya Bee tenth.

also expectation this weekend with collections that can achieve Torrente 5 (Operation Eurovegas) , whose numbers could further consolidate this year as the best box office of the history of Spanish cinema


‘The minimum island’ gets to be the second highest grossing film in its opening weekend
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September 30, 2014

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