The most controversial Apple designs

The most controversial Apple designs

Or proof that Jonathan Ive’s team is capable of the best and the worst.

When we thought all fish was sold, the Tuesday jumped in surprise when Apple put on sale the new Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6 / 6s , its first battery cover with which it is assumed can increase the life of the device up to 25 hours talk time and 18 navigation LTE. The cover features a couple of details that make it work better with the iPhone, other manufacturers like Mophie charged by Lightning (like the iPhone) and displays the percentage of battery based on the lock screen and notification center. However, a small lump on the back has made jokes to surface making it clear (again this year) team decisions design Jonathan Ive. Some have joked that had to change the diaper mobile, others have compared it to a camel, some joked whether the iPhone had been pregnant, and even (and this is what I liked most) there are those who have found like a Band-Aid.

This has caused many people to be upset, was not it Apple’s sleek design company? Well, you just have to look back to see that Apple design team not always right.

The case “Crocs” iPhone 5c

We just have to go back two years to find the first example of cover” ugly “(to taste the colors of course) sold Apple. In particular was the cover of the iPhone 5c, in case anyone does not remember, was to renew the look of the iPhone 5 to follow resulting novel while was appealing to younger audiences. The result was a phone with almost every color of the rainbow and some covers to match the back pierced to match colors.

The idea was good on paper, but in the real world it seemed that the phone was wearing a Crocs. Not to mention the holes left to spend all the dirt and was not taken into consideration that cut holes name phone revealing only “hon”.

Pro and Apple iPad Pencil

Although its performance has surprised even the most demanding artists, Pencil Apple has not escaped criticism for fault one of the systems has been designed to charge: connect the iPad Pro by Lightning. The use of this connector is very successful, since it is the standard on all Apple mobile devices, however, the situation in which the pen is when you connect the tablet makes you can break easily (and it seems that we hold a sign of protest).

The situation is not ideal, but it is the only way to charge it. It is not even recommended by Apple that includes a female / female adapter Lightning so we can charge the pen with the same charger iPad or iPhone. The reason is that it includes our pencil to load quickly (15s charging battery gives 30 minutes) when we are away from home. Sure you could use the Smart Connector, but I doubt you can load fast the Apple Pencil.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 and USB Mouse

Apple USB Mouse I Wikipedia

Although Apple was one of the first companies to use the mouse on a computer that has not stopped over the years has made a few errors “rookie” to design them. The first was with the Apple USB Mouse including all iMac G3, the first computer signed by Jobs and Ive. Its design was to follow the lines of the iMac, but the fact of being round like a Hockey disk made not only proves unsightly but also in everyday use.

Although ergonomics fails to convince everyone that it is not the main problem of the Magic Mouse 2. This new mouse is a small change compared with the original pattern that includes battery power instead of batteries. To use the same charger iPhone! The problem? The connector is under the mouse so yes it runs out of battery must be left aside while charging and can not be used. At least with the rapid charging system so you just have to have a couple of minutes to have 8 hours of battery

A question of ports

This may be the most recurrent in Apple designs controversy, ports or rather the lack thereof. And the iMac G3 I mentioned earlier were criticized by without the floppy drive to include, at that time, unknown CD. The same happened with the MacBook Air in his first generation when dispensed with the CD / DVD to include only four ports: charger, USB, micro-DVI and headphones. Something that was rectified with the redesign of the MacBook Air but has returned to lead the extreme with the new MacBook , which only includes two connectors. USB-C and headphones

Surely it is a debate that will be repeated in a few months if Apple finally decides to remove the connector next iPhone headphones as rumor. The problem is that although each change, each removing a port or connector, is followed by great controversy at the time makes sense in the long term but remains as a mere anecdote. Or did someone wants to return to the time when computers were 15 different ports, DVD, memory cards and weighed 3 kilos?

The iPod shortcomings

Although the iPod has given much joy to Apple, he also brought a few headaches. Specifically talk about the iPod Shuffle, the smallest of all the “brothers”, which has been criticized over the years.

Nada after birth pounced on not have screen: “ who will want MP3 where you can not see that the track is played? “. But later he found that this lack was its main advantage, since it was so small it was ideal for sports. What ended up being not such a good idea when was in its third generation decided also dispense buttons to control playback and force control using headphones. People quickly compare it with a lighter (And even they launched fundas that added buttons), which led a year later to return to change shape to help look a step lighter and regained control buttons


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