The peculiar video game (it is not ‘fake’) in which you play as jesus Christ

Some projects bewilder and fascinate at the same time. To discover the existence of a video game simulation focused on the figure of jesus Christ and in which you can heal the sick, perform miracles and beat the devil raises this double feeling. I am Jesus Christ will arrive in 2020, on a date yet to be defined, and will be available for the PC via the Steam platform.because of its subject and atypical in the channel of entertainment, the trailer makes you think, by default, in that it is a fake and a joke, while it is a proposed real driven by SimulaM and the Polish company PlayWay. His view suggests that, while it seems respectful, the video game can generate susceptibilities, to which is added that by their nature shocking is at the same time a potential source of ‘memes’.The promotional images that have not gone unnoticed in networks, we show how the son of God heals an old woman (called the attention to the sidebar with a heart alluding to the power), , alleviating the hunger of a poor man which fills the cube of fish and calm the sea and wind in storm. The video also includes a fragment of the crucifixion and in its closure highlights the resurrection with the time of the opening of the tomb.The objective of the video game, in which the facts are accompanied by their corresponding biblical references, is trying to save and give hope to the men as did jesus Christ and, in short, to feel in first person the life that was between us.As specified in Steam, the simulation is developed in an open world and the player has special abilities, you can obtain the power of the Holy Spirit and performed over 30 miracles. In regard to the confrontation with the devil in the wilderness it emphasizes its realism.
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The peculiar video game (it is not ‘fake’) in which you play as jesus Christ
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December 12, 2019

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