‘The Reborn’ wins Oscar for best picture … on Twitter

EP A media company analyzed more than 215,000 tweets since nominations were announced for the film awards Base...


  • A media company analyzed more than 215,000 tweets since nominations were announced for the film awards
  • Based on the conversations on Twitter around the world, winning best picture would be the reborn ( the revenant ), Gonzalez Inarritu
  • the reborn has occupied the 29.03% of all conversations speaking of movies citing the official hashtag # Oscar2016.
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‘The Reborn’ wins Oscar for best picture … on Twitter

This Sunday is celebrated href=”https://phoneia.com/?s=app” gala 88th Academy awards, the big prizes of the film world. But the battle for the coveted statuettes waged for weeks at . And there the favorite is none other than The Reborn Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu.

the company Intelligence access Media and Consumers has monitored the conversations users on Twitter with the official hashtag, # Oscar2016, and the most used, # Oscars2016, to know who would give tweeters prizes in different categories.

access has analyzed the conversations on Twitter since 11 January (the nominations were announced on January 14) to February 24, collecting more than 215,000 entries.

If the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of the United States had to deliver Academy Award for Best Picture based on the conversations on Twitter around the world, the winner would be the reborn ( the revenant ).

Directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, the reborn has occupied 29.03% of all conversations speaking of movies citing the official hashtag # Oscar2016. The tape is also Best Picture nominee to other 11 categories.

The next film most talked about on Twitter has been The room (Room) Lenny Abrahamson, with 27.16% of the total conversation. This film is nominated in four major categories: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress and Best Adapted Screenplay

Third place is situated Spotlight , Thomas McCarthy, who has held the 21,50% of the tweets moviegoers. Based on the true story of how The Boston Globe uncovered the biggest scandal of pedophilia in the US Catholic Church, Spotlight has also won five other nominations in addition to choose the best feature film.

Favorite actors tweeters

href=”https://phoneia.com/?s=app” Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence are favorites on Twitter between the actors and actresses nominated to Oscar as protagonists.

Leonardo Dicaprio tweeters acclaim as Best Actor for his work in the reborn . Has grabbed the 75% of mentions on Twitter and within the conversation include moviegoers who consider it unfair that the actor has not won no statuette so far. He breathed an Oscar for Leading Actor three times ( The Wolf of Wall Street , Blood Diamond and The Aviator ) and once as actor cast ( What’s Eating Gilbert Grape )

as for Jennifer Lawrence (48% of mentions) is the worthy on Twitter the Academy Award for Best Actress for her starring role in the film Joy. Messages on the social network laud the interpretation of actress and both say that has been the person most money won during the last year of all the nominees above DiCaprio. Forbes magazine estimated that received more than $ 52 million between June 2014 and June 2015; ie excluding income from the quarter of The Hunger Games.

The most controversial Oscar

In previous editions of the Oscar and there was some controversy by complaints of many actors, actresses and spectators on the poor visibility that the Academy gives professional color. This year, the international extension of social networks has made criticisms have been fired.

Even have created several official hashtags to carry out various protests, accusing the Academy of racist and sexist. #oscarsowhite, #oscarsosexist, #oscarstillsowhite, #oscarparity, #racistoscarLos have been most commonly used labels. In total, 17% of the 215,000 conversations produced in Twitter on Oscar containing some of these hashtags.

The conversation was shot in the social network the night of 14 January to announce the list of nominees. So was born the popular #oscarsowhite, with most tweeters -in that moment regretted that for the second consecutive year, there was not a single black actor nominated for the awards.

on January 19 came the second period of upturn in talks on the Oscars, when the actress Jada Pinkett, wife of will Smith, prompted the boycott the ceremony.

On January 23 there was a new milestone, with connotations criticism of the Academy. George Clooney declared that the institution was moving in the wrong direction by not nominate any actor or actress of color. 70% of the mentions related to the Oscars this day were negative.

Messages in the social network have also been very critical of Charlotte Rampling, nominated for an Oscar for her role in the film 45. The actress stood against the boycott of the awards by the absence of nominees of color, indicating that mean somehow a act of racism towards performers whites.

Rampling has collected the 21% of total conversacione s on the nominees, inviting exclude actress Oscar for these statements. Given the volume of negative mentions, the actress had to clarify his words: “I regret that my comments have been misunderstood, what he meant was that in an ideal world all actions should be considered equally”

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