The story of Leo Grand: homeless has released its first application on Google Play

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Perhaps you read the net’s history Leo Grand, a wanderer who has just published its first application in Google Play. Your story comes a few months ago, Leo, was a normal worker MetLife, an insurance firm, but in 2011 was fired and things of life ended up living on the street . Last August, a young, recently graduated 23 programmer named Patrick McConlogue found Leo and gave him a choice between two options: give $ 100 in cash or teaching program Leo chose the second option , so Patrick bought some programming books, a Chromebook (the Chrome OS laptops operating system) and met every day of the week to teach for 16 weeks. The story spread around the Internet, creating a href=”” Facebook page to support and people sent clothing and other things necessary for life, but it was not pretty at that time.

Last October came the news that Leo Grand, the homeless, had been arrested in New York to sleep on a bench in a park that was closed to the public. Although he was quickly released, the police took her mobile phone and laptop. As the news was known, even made an appearance on the TV show Today Show , which told the story and luckily, an executive at Google saw this and sent a replacement Chromebook.

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McConlogue, the boy who had offered to help him, convinced her boss to leave work to Leo inside Noodle Education offices, and even got permission so they could work together full time for 4 weeks, which would be devoted to finalizing and polishing details application that would later come to Play Store and App Store.

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And so, after all this time, Leo has achieved and makes a days published application. Called Trees for Cars, and its purpose is to connect people to share transport and reduce pollution, even indicating the amount of CO2 that is being saved to the atmosphere.

But beyond the usefulness of the application, the reality is that Leo decided at the time to go for something that might serve in the future. The application only costs € 0.99 , so it costs nothing to support Leo cents he will receive if you buy application, although not going to use. The story is amazing, but even so, still no job, no home, so enough help

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The story of Leo Grand: homeless has released its first application on Google Play
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December 12, 2013

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