The Weather Channel receives a breath of fresh air with a totally new design

The Weather Channel receives a breath of fresh air with a totally new design

applications for check the time do not pass maybe by their time of peak popularity (tell that to Weather Timeline…), perhaps because the Google and his Assistant make each time a better job about it, but are struggling to remain relevant. An example of this is the complete renewal of The Weather Channel.

With one hundred million downloads on Google Play, this app has behind a group of the same name with 36 years of history and in the present property of IBM. The last time that we speak of a renewal of its interface, it was in 2014, so we could say that it already went being hour.

it Never rains to everyone’s taste


The new design abandons the blue background colour that had accompanied the application from its inception by a white background with a new head which changes colour according to the weather conditions. This seems to bring a little bit of a head-to-users, they are showing their frustration on new reviews in Google Play. However, with millions of reviews in their power, by the time the middle note is kept in 4.4 stars, that is great.

Colors aside, the new interface is quite easy to use. The four main sections are at the bottom and show you the forecast is per hour, day (up to two weeks) or view radar, very customizable with all kinds of data.

Weather2 The view of the radar is very customizable

Technically we can not say that it is very Material Design, but it’s enough for us to give the okay. In general has a more modern appearance than before, although we also understand the shock of those who for years have been accustomed to the previous design.

climate trends


From 2016, The Weather Channel belongs to IBM, and it is gradually integrating into the application the well-known artificial intelligence IBM Watson. In the new version of the Weather Channel, that artificial intelligence is put to work in the new (Trend, accessible with a button in the top bar.

From there, you can see the predictions of the intelligence of IBM Watson for temperature sensation, thermal, wind, humidity, and condensation in the next few hours. As detailed in his blog, this information is also used to notify proactively to users of some event in the weather is coming.


By the way, if you’re a fan of widgets, don’t worry: so they are still there. Are a total of five widgets sizes 4×1, 4×2, 1×1 and 2×2. If you’re not very fan of the new design with the white background, you’ll always be the consolation that the widgets are still taking the blue background from yesteryear.

Weather - The Weather Channel

Weather – The Weather ChannelVaries depending on the device.

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The Weather Channel receives a breath of fresh air with a totally new design
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December 16, 2018

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