The Wizard of Google improvement reminders: these are the new features

The Wizard of Google improvement reminders: these are the novelties

One more characteristic practices of the Wizard of Google are reminders, with a simple voice command we can create a reminder from our mobile or speaker smart Google Home.

During these last few weeks Google has been enhanced so quiet reminders of the Wizard corrects a bug that dragged on for years. Below we review their new products:

Improvement in notifications and labelling of reminders expired


One of the problems that had notifications of reminders of the Wizard of Google is that it brings together in a single notification all notices, with what you could not interact with each reminder separately.

This has recently changed and now shows a notification for each reminder, which now allows you to postpone each reminder or mark it as complete separately.

When you touch the notification of a reminder that we go to the complete list of reminders, and now also as a novelty, we will display the reminders for overdue labeled, both in the list as in the description.

In the English version, the Wizard of Google allows you to edit a reminder. This feature is not yet available in Spanish. For now in our language we can only create and delete reminders.


Via | Android Police

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The Wizard of Google improvement reminders: these are the new features
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August 6, 2019

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