They blow up a drone with a classic Game Boy

With some modifications.
User Gautier has achieved fly a drone using the very old Game Boy Nintendo as a controller, thanks to the help of a series of change and a laptop with Paparazzi UAV framework program. You can see the result in the video below.

a childhood dream

as described in World Wide Gaming, Gautier gave one day with his old Game Boy at home with their parents, “the first thing I thought was, could blow up a drone with this? Then I was wondering where my cartridge Mario was,” he explains.

They blow up a drone with a classic Game Boy

Connect the console to the laptop was a challenge. I had to find a Game Link cable that convirtiese signals to the PC’s USB

continues: “So spent some time gathering information on the Internet to see if I could find some type of solution to my desire, “he says. Apparently, it was not easy. Gautier found several problems , and had to pull several change to run your project successfully. Once able to connect the handheld to your PC, Gautier used the ecosystem Paparazzi UAV framework and the ARDrone 2 Parrot to hack the machine and thus get answered their pulsations in crosshead and real-time buttons . A few months ago, href=”” another player turned his. Power Glove controller drones in distance
 They fly a drone with a classic Game Boy

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