‘Typewriter’: Netflix brings us a number of india of terror that stands out for its puzzling proposal

'Typewriter': Netflix brings us a number of india of terror that stands out for its puzzling proposal

Netflix it takes time to gamble on the international market to continue to grow, a very wise choice, especially if we take into account that a few day it was announced that was down in the number of customers in the united States for the first time in eight years. This policy has led them to perform a multitude of local productions, some greatest hits and other titles that have been added without penalty or glory to his catalog.  

Today I have to talk to you about ‘Typewriter’, one of its original series on indian opting for the horror genre to conquer the public. Came to Netflix on July 19, without build too much noise -they have not even bothered to fold it into Spanish, and the same day it premiered in addition to season 3 of ‘The house of paper’– and I cannot say that it is a hidden gem in your catalog, but yes that is a proposal of the most unique thing that deserves that we cast an eye to see if you connect up with your peculiar cocktail of genres.

An all-in-one

Scene Typewriter

‘Typewriter’ sold as a series of terror but do not expect them to be constant in it, since it is not until the fourth episode when everything starts to move really -to reach a resolution, something discreet, but not even then waive the rest of their distinctive features. The first and most striking is the strong presence of comedy, especially in everything related to the emergence of a group of children who are felt considerably in the course of events.

By this hand, it would be easy to find similarities with ‘Stranger Things’, one of the more than Netflix, but it would be a serious mistake. Yes, children are investigating something paranormal and there are even a couple of winks to popular culture -curious the time in class speaking about the infinite, – but don’t expect to see anything more common of what happens in Bardez with the events Hawkins. Here they function more as a complement, a kind of resource to ease the tension.

The curious thing is that input prime that lightness, resaltándose also with too much force, the moments of suspense and terror -the use of the music is a bit excessive to underline this point-perhaps to remind us that it is assumed that it is the true base of the series in the absence of a visual atmosphere that we have all the time in suspense about what may happen next. What I have clear is that we play the ball deliberately or not.

Unique in all aspects

Image Typewriter

To all that have an element of manners that you are losing some strength as they move forward episodes but that input mark, very much the series and we still have some with the same capacity to fascinarte as to exasperate. As soon as it enters into the macabre legend about spinning the story as we are speaking of a slip of the husband of the protagonist that does not end of lead to nowhere. To any that are interested at least.

Not all of these disconnections are negative -it is fair to point out that something of love is grab the kids and your perrete-, but yes condemn the inconsistency of this first season of ‘Typewriter’ -is not yet renewed, that yes. – Fortunately, this does not imply an insurmountable obstacle for letting go, because your tendency to be able to leave for any part adds an effective touch of imprevisiblidad that makes you keep attentive to what is happening on screen.

added To that there is their own particularities, linguistic series, since the characters are jumping between two languages not already in the same conversation, but even in the same sentence. A disturbing decision of entry but that takes a little of becoming another more ingredient of this strange cocktail in which there is space for the drama, the suspense, the comedy, the horror and the adventure.

In short, ‘Typewriter’ is a mishmash that houses the comedy, the suspense, the drama, the adventure and terror, gaining importance the latter as they pass the episodes. In the end is not that offers nothing memorable and there are even some notes visual in in its final stretch that note that would have come from fable to have more media, but yes, that gives enough stimuli for your viewing is an enjoyable experience.

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‘Typewriter’: Netflix brings us a number of india of terror that stands out for its puzzling proposal
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August 3, 2019

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