Using Apple Pay in Spain right now (and what cards are valid for this)

English - April 22, 2015

Although trick, have operated Apple Pay in Spain through my iPhone 6 Plus. I thought that Spain is one of the countries with the presence of NFC devices for payment, but not see them almost all shops have one to pay without going the chip or magnetic stripe on the card, but just closer to the payment terminal. In addition, banks have gradually been introduced Cards contactless if I meet daily with a lot of ignorance about their use and have to constantly explain its functioning. I also thought that if the iPhone has an NFC module for use as a card contactless , if we could activate a card (which can not) should theoretically be possible to pay anywhere in Spain with dataphone NFC because Apple uses Pay EMV. So I set to work.

For starters, need to have a card compatible with Apple Pay, ie an American bank. They are valid options as Chase, Amazon, Citibank or even a prepaid Paypal. The first thing to do is change the terminal region of the United States through the Settings application. With this we will make Passbook allows us to see the option to add credit cards, which is off to the iPhone which region is not fixed in the United States.

Once this is done, and we can register our card credit, either manually or through scanning makes the camera, which works perfectly fill all fields except the security code.

Once you have completed these data, Passbook addresses the verification screen, which allows you to choose a method: SMS, email or phone call, according to the selected card will have one or the other. Of my three cards of Chase did not work, I think that it is canceled, the CitiBank forced me to SMS or call (I sent the SMS to my brother in California who then sent me by WhatsApp) and Amazon (coincidentally also is Chase) allowed me to do so by mail. The code is a numeric digit code.

Once you have done this I went to a Starbucks where I could pay with Apple Pay coffee bag I bought with wide eyes of the kind employed. The procedure is very simple: you select the card you want to pay in Passbook and the phone to pay point a warning lights requiring authorize payment by fingerprint, once done the backlight saying get near the iPhone to the point of payment back, the four green LEDs light point of payment and will generate a receipt on screen automatically. Voilà! Apple Pay operating in Spain.

Thanks, Edgar Gonzalez for shipping