We can repeat? 7 pairs of tele also fell in love in film

Losalcantara 644x362 Love is nice tannnnnnnnnn. There are television couples who love us, they seem assembled in wonder, and whose stories make us the creeps. But watch out, not worth to bring together two players and say action! It is necessary that each has a special chemistry, which gets us to believe their romance. So sometimes, it is not difficult for these couples “repeat”. Next, a review of some of the couples formed television and film took


Yon González and Blanca Suarez

Their careers as actors were dawning when both agreed that curious series of school in which the forces of evil made the rounds: ‘ The boarding ‘. Soon they formed one of the most attractive television partners. So it is not surprising to return to coincide as a couple on the big screen in the film of this year Losing the north in which Nacho G. Velilla drew his comic side

Clara Lago and Alvaro Cervantes

With this article we can play a little guessing. In this case, we have a couple who first agreed in the cinema with the 2008 film ‘The Hangman game’. Do you know what television series were reunited? Some clues: it aired on Antena 3, was produced by Globomedia, adapted a novel … Right! ‘ heart ocean’ is the good response .

Ana de Armas and Martiño Rivas

Another couple who was born in ‘The boarding school’. And this number was all a mass phenomenon that dragged a lot of fans. The handsome couple of which we are speaking also had great commercial pull. Were reunited in 2014 under the orders of David Menkes and both starred in the movie “A Fistful of kisses’.

and Michelle Jenner Hugo Silva

love story between Luke and Sarita gave round and round head and brought fans ‘Los hombres de Paco’ that fell under what looked like a forbidden love. The chemistry between them not only made them star in the television campaign after an app, but soon we see them acting in the new comedy from David Serrano ‘We need to talk’, which interpret a former partner with many outstanding bills.

Aura Garrido and Jaime Olías

Angel or Demon ‘was an interesting incursion of Telecinco in the world of horror and the supernatural. The relationship between the character of Aura Garrido, the kind angel and Jaime, a fallen, was so succulent that fans of the couple soon appeared. Also with paranormal tone but in a line of comedy, very different, you could see in the movie ‘ Ghost Promotion ‘.

Ana Duato and Imanol Arias

We are so used to seeing marriage Alcantara ‘Tell me’ we can hardly imagine a time in life when they have had other artistic partners. His good work earned them the participation in the biopic on Spanish scientific ‘Severo Ochoa’ , directed by Sergio Cabrera and which both gained Silver Frame.

Fernando Tejero and Malena Alterio

Who can deny that the participation of Fernando Tejero and Malena Alterio ‘At the end of the road’ was a decision taken after his success in ‘Here no one alive’? This very large pair of losers won us over completely with its frenzied comings and goings, plans to prosper and love between them that always won everything else.

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We can repeat? 7 pairs of tele also fell in love in film
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August 6, 2015

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