What do you know of series? Guess frame (3×28)

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Are you ready for the first challenge of visual acuity seriéfilo 2016? Because no matter who is the New Year’s Day if Friday and are 18 pm, it’s time to our mysterious frames. Yes, you know, those pictures belong to a series, or two different and you have to guess if you want to take you 5, 2 or 1 point if you are of the three fastest to do so.

last week, my partner Mikel opted for two frame ‘Ash vs evil dead’ and ‘Veep’, and acertantes were Trox, Daniel-san and minervalara, which overall suffers some modifications tightening the situation at the top.

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  1. Ender95 (19)
  2. minervalara (14)
  3. Trox (13)
  4. serieusly (11)
  5. djpopez (10)
  6. beaniega (10)
  7. outrak (9)
  8. nein09 (7)
  9. gel0 (7)
  10. Exi (7)
  11. fernarda (7)
  12. barloven (5)
  13. breikin (5)
  14. watm9 (5)
  15. Lopus (5)
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Are you urge to try to unseat some of the leaders of the rating? You see, this week we have chosen animation to give a little variety to our challenges. You know what sets these frames belong?

Tele Go! | Guess frame

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