What is the Microsoft Teams, and how can it help your business?

What is the Microsoft Teams, and how can it help your business?In the global world and super connected in which we live, companies and organizations have seen their internal structure was moving away from the traditional models and gave way to a new paradigm. Today it is more common for same company have venues spread in different parts of the city, the country and even the world, but their employees are constant contact thanks to the advances of technology and digitization.Microsoft Teams is precisely one of the tools available to bypass the barriers of distance and be able to communicate even though you are in different time zone. This intelligent platform is a shared workspace that connects different collaboration and communication, offering chat service, ‘meeting room’, calls and video conferencing, and applications of Office 365, all in one espacio.De fact, according to a recent study among more than 260 users who have already used the tool in different sectors, from financial services to education, through the use of Teams, businesses have been able to reduce the costs of collaboration, accelerate decision making and improve the experience both the client and the employee.For example, using this platform office workers saving up to four hours a week, thanks to the promotion of the collaboration and the exchange of data. Economically, this translates into more than $ 14.3 million of potential savings.Another significant advantage to be drawn from this study is that the Microsoft Teams allows to reduce also the travel with overnight stay of one night for meetings: it has been observed that you can get to remove up to 150 overnight trips in a period of three years and replaced by online meetings.Also, Teams give the possibility to access resources hosted in the cloud without leaving the platform, reducing the downtime of the employees in 14.6%. And, in this sense of service, cross-platform, the users release more than one hour a week by not having to change application to carry out their tasks.Today, more than 500,000 organizations, including 91 of the 100 of the Fortune, are using Microsoft Teams to collaborate from different locations, time zones and languages. These include, Cerner, Cox Automotive, dm-drogerie markt, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Hendrick Motorsports, Konica Minolta, Lexmark, Mitsui & Co, National Bank of Canada, Pfizer, Razer, Ricoh, and Trek Bicycle. Teams is currently available in 44 languages in 181 markets.L’oréal introduced Teams at the beginning of 2019 to “eliminate silos, provide more direct interaction and boost the productivity of their 86,000 employees” claim from Microsoft. Since then, it has implemented 80% of staff we employ by getting most effective results.So much so that, when all its brand uses the platform, can have a validation process to be faster with the address, something reducing your time to market by at least 50%.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oZOJ5tcXQ8

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