YouTube is updated with Material Design (APK to download)

In recent months, Google has been working to upgrade to new equipment desing Android Lollipop aesthetic applications.

Now the final turn is for YouTube, one of the most popular Google applications received Lollipop their own touch. In this new version 6.0.11 YouTube for Android brings a more intense red color, plus users will enjoy new shades in the toolbar and other interface elements that automatically change to match headers channels that.

 YouTube YouTube is updated Material Design with Material Design (APK to download)

A total of several changes, but since YouTube some time ago adopted a new cleaner interface, not notice some of the improvements. First, there is a small touch the icon of the application, while within the application, highlight the new tab bar in bright red and white backgrounds cleaner and improved navigation drawers. However, as we have said, the big change we see from afar, is the automatic change color to match the theme of the channel you are watching.

In addition to the visual changes, Google has added new filters for more advanced searching, for example we can find content only HD videos with subtitles, or even channels streaming live.

As always, the update will arrive automatically, even if no want to wait you can download the APK file and install the new version manually.

Download APK YouTube 6.0 Material Design

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YouTube is updated with Material Design (APK to download)
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December 8, 2014

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