Five applications to stream from your Android

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  • Ustream

    The streaming through our webcams has gone out of fashion, and now what you get is the feeling of closeness that transmits the do it through our mobile phones . And that is precisely the reason that in recent weeks there has been much application Meerkat and the response of buying and throwing Twitter Periscope.

    The sudden interest in this type of retransmissions can have more than one make the mistake of thinking that is new , but nothing is further from reality. . Although these two applications have not yet officially come to Android so long ago in our ecosystem OS can enjoy a few that can do just about everything

    Tarsii -live video


    People Veetle Inc knows what people want, and so has presented its new application not afraid to mention Meerkat or Periscope , and trying to take advantage of the absence of these two Android platforms to present itself as a reliable clone.

    Therefore Tarsii is exactly what it seems, a clone in which’ll just begin transmitting and share the link our social networks to show the world, so that everyone can see us on their phones, their tablets or desktops and discuss our broadcasts.


    Tarsii Version 1.0.9

    QR Code

    Stre Am is a new application that wants to try to fill the gap mobile streaming before they start to land on Android heavyweights. Innovations few simply offer us the same as other … but in the Google mobile operating system.

    Therefore, with this application you can do streaming from your mobile or tablet while your relay is recorded and is online for 24 hours for the most clueless to see. Also has a social component Follows and live commentary we receive as we broadcast.

     Stre Am version 2.45

    QR Code

    BigVEncoder Live Streaming

    Bigvencoder Live Streaming

    But not all new applications that are born only to try to take home a target user for a few weeks. We also have other apps that carry offering this type of service long before it became fashionable , and one of the most complete is definitely BigVEncoder Live Streaming, although the fact that payment can be take back more than one.

    This application not only allows us to make our transmissions using our Android device, but it may issue directly with platforms directly as powerful as YouTube Live, Wowza Media Server, Adobe Flash Media Server or Red5 Media Server . BigVEncoder perhaps a bit more complicated to use, but since it takes so long available can find all kinds of tutorials in network.



    Ustream is another platform that takes years allowing users to half the world retransmit all types of content in streaming from the football game you’re watching on TV to your innermost thoughts or your special live coverage of any event.

    As it could not be otherwise, Ustream has also seen a reef in this new fashion of streaming from mobile devices, and has adapted to it specially remarkable that they also allow us to do while interacting with all our viewers.


    Ustream The version varies by device

    QR Code

    • Android version: Varies with device
    • Developer: Ustream Inc
    • Download it at: Google Play
    • Price: Free, but with integrated shopping
    • Category: Multimedia & Video



    Although the video we always one step closer to the sites and places they are visiting the streamers, radio still some magical aura , not just us exercise our imagination to have us imagine things that are telling, but because it is a much more versatile medium that can listen while you exercise or drive.

    So we want to not finish this short list without mentioning Fradio, much the same applies to all we mentioned above, but in which great protagonist is not our face but our voice , the which we broadcast live from our mobile so that everyone who wants can listen. Is not it a romantic idea


    Fradio Version 1.0.9

    QR Code

    • Android version: 4.0+
    • Developer: Guvera
    • Download it at: Google Play
    • Price: Free
    • Category: Music & Audio

    In Engadget Android | Meerkat Android reaches a service to view (and in the future issue) streaming video

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    Five applications to stream from your Android
    April 4, 2015

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