Forcing landscape mode on the phone, even in applications that do not allow it as Instagram

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    I recognize that most of the time I turned off the automatic rotation of the screen as the sensors, because it drives me a little crazy when it starts spinning just because I turned a little screen. The portrait mode is almost always a good choice, but sometimes for one reason or another you are interested in more turn mobile and use Horizontal or landscape.

    in applications ready to run horizontally, you have nothing else to enable rotation and turn mobile, but applications that do not “want to rotate” and Instagram probably you resign yourself to the wishes of their all-powerful developers, who have chosen for you to work only vertically.

    No, do not give up. It is very easy force the phone to rotate according to you damn well, even in applications that never turn on their own. All you need is an application like September Orientation and follow a simplest of steps

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    1. September installs Orientation

    In Google Play find several applications whose goal is the same: to rotate the screen. In the case of Rotation Control, Screen Rotation Control , Rotation Lock Adaptive , Screen Rotation Controller and many others. We had to choose one for this tutorial and we are left with Seth Orientation, but if you prefer any of the above, go ahead.

    Set Orientation

    set Orientation 1.1.4

    QR Code

    set Orientation not been updated since 2012, but do not panic, it still works perfectly almost five years later. One advantage is precisely that it is extremely light , and do not think you want to spend your valuable memory in an application to rotate the screen.

    2. Creates access to your home screen

    Set Location does not start automatically or bother you with a permanent notice on the phone: whenever you want to use, you must open the application . This is an advantage, but it can also be a drawback if you’re going to need to change direction frequently.

    A simple solution is to create a shortcut a hand on screen start, although it depends on you. You can always go to the application drawer and found manually if you prefer.

     September Orientation

    3. Opens Sept. Orientation and select the direction

    After opening in September Orientation for the first time you will see the high minimalism to the max. The application is simply a mini-window with a drop-down list to choose how it will behave the screen.

     Set Orientation Rotation

    Basically you have four options: disabled, automatic, landscape and portrait, some with variations to reverse the screen.

    • Disabled: application does nothing and your mobile phone to decide
    • Default. is basically the same as above, but with the respective application. Rotation behaves in normal mode
    • Automatic:. screen turn as the sensors, even in applications that do not want to spin like Instagram
    • landscape: the screen is in landscape mode, horizontal, permanently
    • Portrait:. the screen is in portrait mode permanently <. / li>

    Usually the Automatic mode will be the one you are looking for. The screen automatically rotates in normal axes, but if you want to freely in rotations and using mobile face up, Automatic (full) will also rotate the screen 180 degrees both horizontally and vertically.

    4. Use your favorite application horizontally

    Although it is possible that Some applications may not behave properly after forcing a rotation for which they are not prepared, the fact that in my testing errors have been rather small visual errors without much importance.

    in the case of Instagram , for example, the result is good although the bottom button bar disappears to do it and is replaced by an empty white, which is definitely a problem.

    Instagram In Horizontal Instagram horizontally sometimes lose the bottom bar

    it is not a biggest mistake, he always you can rotate the screen so that the buttons appear again, but makes it clear that the original designers had not thought that this application will work horizontally … at least for now.

    5. Need more adjustments? Since the notification

    Once Seth Orientation is running, you can change the operating mode or completely disable the application the notification . Access is very convenient and fast. As soon as you disable functions (choosing Disabled), the notification disappears.

    Set Orientation2

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    News How to force landscape mode on the phone, even in applications that do not allow it as Instagram was originally published in Engadget Android by James Thornton .

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    Forcing landscape mode on the phone, even in applications that do not allow it as Instagram
    February 19, 2016

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