‘Gadgets’ and ‘wearables’ improve the lives of dogs and cats

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  • C. RIZZO

    Dog harness

    Let’s look at a practical example. You have just got home after being all day working and what you most want in this life is to practice armchair-bol in front of the television.

    we can Not blame yourself that any time the idea of having to take walk your dog, your friend is more faithful, you will not find anything attractive, especially if caen chuzos de punta or the weather is awful on the street. And it is in that moment when you give thanks to heaven for the fact that the technology not only takes into account the human and improves their quality of life, but also our four-legged friends.

    The market of products aimed at pets, which are considered as a member of the family, va crescendo with articles related to your health and well-being.

    In the 49.3% of Spanish households (a total of 16.1 million) there is a pet, a figure that has grown considerably in the last 10 years, and that it is still less compared to other countries of Europe.

    Collars with GPS, coats that have lights, the dogs-cam, belt with leds for a night out, dispenser I think remotely controlled… The technology not only improves our life but also our four-legged friends.

    Tabcat Bundle. this Is a label that we put on the collar of the cat and that we synchronize with the mobile to locate you if you get lost. Perfect for finding mininos dark at night. Price: 125 €.


    Petnet SmartFeeder. A dispenser of food that does a fantastic job: give food to the pet in question with the right amount of food need to, at the time you specify, no matter what kind of food are… Price: 134 €.


    FroliCat Bolt Laser. A game of laser interactive designed for cats that moves randomly on the floor and the walls. is Your pet will play without a break thanks to that integrates a separate timer. The game should be compensated with a treat. the Price: 19,99 €.


    Fetch. Harness for dogs with two mounting points for prospects from the chest and back. Made of a material that can get wet. the Adjustable to fit dogs small, medium and large, from 7 to 54 kg Price: 49,99 €.


    GoBone. it is neither more nor less than a bone ‘intelligent’ that moves, thus keeping your pet entertained for eight hours. There is a app available to the mobile with which you can run games more specific as to recover and something to hide. the Price: 179 €.

    Petcube. Something like a webcam for dogs, but in the form of a cube. Designed precisely to make our pets feel less lonely. The device allows us to relate with them, even when we are away from home. the Price: 179 €.


    Motorola Scout 85. is Camera of video surveillance indoor wifi monitor up to four cameras. You can put your pet sounds of nature or soothing music to calm her in case you have anxiety. You can also bashed if you see her on the couch. the Price: 125 €.


    ‘Gadgets’ and ‘wearables’ improve the lives of dogs and cats
    Source: www.20minutos.es  
    June 29, 2017

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