Google Duo, the function to share the screen might arrive soon: new images

Duo Share Screen

In the autumn of last year it was leaked that Google Duo was preparing to allow its users the power to share your screen. Five months after that filtration Google has not yet enabled this new functionality, which we now know in detail.

A source of Android Police has managed to turn this future feature and has shared some screenshots that explain how to trigger the function screen sharing and options you will find.

Share screen in Google Duo

Screen Duo

In the options of the video call will see the new tool screen Sharing. When you press this new option we will get a confirmation window that warns us that will begin to capture and share everything that appears on our screen. When you tap on “Start now” our device will share the screen with our contact, starting from the home screen.

While we are sharing the screen we have the option to pause, for if we have to open any application with personal information, or stop it completely.

it Is unknown when Google will launch this new feature officially. Perhaps we might see it next month, that is the function of screen Sharing one of the new features of the Google Duo that we see officially announced on the 8th of may, during the Google I/O 2018.

The function of the screen sharing is perfect for helping family and friends to configure their device or trying to resolve any problems remotely. A person shares the screen and the other goes guiding with the steps you need to follow.

Duo by Google

Google Duo

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Xataka Android | Google Duo: now you can send video messages or voice when they do not respond to your calls

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Google Duo, the function to share the screen might arrive soon: new images

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