Google removes three apps from the source code of Android

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    Google removes three apps of Android source code

    When Google launched for the first time Android the market becomes more ten years, published together with the source code of your operating system for basic applications for several reasons: for a device built for AOSP out fully functional; to serve as an example to developers; and proporciar functionality to other applications through the API.

    well, Google makes cleaning in the source code of AOSP and deleted three basic applications, and does so because it no longer makes sense to keep your lines of code in the project because there already exists many alternatives both open-source or proprietary on Google Play. Applications that load of AOSP are Music, Calendar and Clock. Here we give the details of how will be this change.



    The Music app in AOSP is replaced by a driver-intent that will play an audio file from a browser file. Displays in a pop-up window a small basic player to play and pause the file next to the slider to move forward or backward during playback.



    The Calendar application are converted in a controller intended for calendar events. Will No longer create new events, edit or delete existing events, you lose support for multiple accounts, reminders and settings. In the future you may lose more features.


    The Calculator to be a stand-alone application and not part of the platform has been removed completely from AOSP, but Google offers your source code separately.

    Via | Android Developers

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    Google removes three apps from the source code of Android
    March 29, 2019

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