How to download series and movies from Netflix on the SD card of your Android

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    Netflix Downloads Sd

    At the end of November, Netflix announced a feature that came from pearls to users who connect through the mobile phone. We speak, of course, the offline mode that allows us to download movies, or chapters of a series to be able to view it later even if you don’t have a connection.

    This feature is especially interesting in the face to save mobile data, but storage can be a problem if we don’t have much space on the mobile. Yesterday Netflix announced a novelty with that we can give a breather to the internal storage of our phones. This is the downloads to the sd card, we show you how to do it.

    How to download content from Netflix directly to the SD card

    Netflix Downloads Sd

    There are many mobile phones that are not precisely enough internal memory and the SD card is a must-have item. Here you can store pictures and videos we are doing and other content that is now added to the download Netflix.

    to be able To download content to the SD card of your Android device, enter the app of Netflix, and then tap the menu icon, located in the upper left corner. Once inside low until giving with the option “application Settings”.

    Netflix Downloads Sd

    After the last update of Netflix, this menu contains an option called “download Location”, so if you don’t see it, before you do anything else go to Google Play and install the latest version of the app. Obviously, also you will need to have an SD card installed and with sufficient free space.

    Configure the downloads to be stored on the MicroSD card is as simple as click on “download Location” and choose the SD. The app of Netflix will show you the available space both on the card and in the phone memory. In addition, if you look at the bottom of the settings menu, you will see two bars that show the storage in a more detailed way.


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    Xataka Móvil | How to download and view offline series or movies from Netflix on your mobile

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    How to download series and movies from Netflix on the SD card of your Android
    January 25, 2017

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