How to listen to the news from your favorite radio stations with the Wizard of Google: now in Spanish


The Spanish support Google Home brings the Wizard of Google summaries daily news, that from now on we can use on our mobile devices.

The Wizard of Google has begun to add radios in Spanish from Spain, Mexico and the united States. If you want to know how to use them and how to configure continue reading.

Add news sources


To use this new feature the first thing we do is set up our favorite radio stations. To do this go to the Wizard Google > Settings > My day > News, by clicking on the gear icon to access your settings. Then click on Add news sources.


In the new window you can click on the list of countries to select your language and region. We will see the list of radios that already offer their daily summary of news. Of time are few but it is expected that over the next few days the main radio national added support to the Wizard of Google.

the option Change the order of the News section we can say what radio station we want to listen to the first and the order of the remaining in case you have selected more than one source of news.


once you have selected the news sources already, so we only have to ask Google “hear the news” and will automatically start to play the daily summaries. By default we also played the news when you ask listen to our daily digest.

In Xataka Android | How to listen to and configure your daily summary in the Wizard of Google

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How to listen to the news from your favorite radio stations with the Wizard of Google: now in Spanish

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