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    Target Zero Inbox

    To achieve a clean inbox is as simple as following a few guidelines.

    The email is a wonderful example of love-hate relationship. On the one hand it gives us the ability to communicate with anyone imagine, regardless of where you are in and the proximity or remoteness from our social circle. But on the other hand, email is a serious adversary for productivity , restándonos time and often adding an extra concern each day (keep the inbox to zero).

    Many experts and gurus try to root out the negative side of having an email account, but the reality is that no longer a utopia. It is impossible not receive emails or making these do not adversely affect our daily productivity . Both actions are intrinsically associated with owning a email account.

    Instead, what yes you can get is to mitigate those negative symptoms . Palliate to levels at which the influence of the email is neither more nor less than necessary, thus increasing our daily productivity, clearing your mind of worries and getting the much sought after “inbox zero”.

    These are some simple steps that you can to approach closer to that ideal relationship with your email:

    uproots the newsletter irrelevant summaries of social networks and other <. / h3>


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    When you open an account with any service, you must provide your email address, which will use a greater or lesser extent, for bombard with irrelevant information (in most cases). These emails will fill your inbox and slightly hurt your productivity -provocan distractions, loss of time (to delete), and so, therefore, delete root.

    If you are newsletter , simply leave the database of the same. To do this, generally, simply click a link at the bottom of any edition of that newsletter .

    In the case of social networks or other services, simply go to the same settings and regular notifications and emails sent us these. My advice: removes all email notifications and you know that access to see what happens in this service except for greater cause, can not be thus. You’ll thank both as holiday gifts.

    Do not be afraid to let go of irrelevant conversations.

    In my case, I receive many press releases and news every day. Of these, I would say that 75% are not my interest. Therefore, it makes sense to send a brief email to the communications agency in calling for the complete elimination of its database or modification of the subject of the emails you receive.

    Limit conversations to what really matters defined, it seems a very specific problem, but what really matters is the “moral”: do not be afraid to request less emails or let go of irrelevant threads. For example, if you include in conversation by mistake or your participation therein ended, you can request politely, in subsequent e-mails, do not include in copy or as a recipient This prevents notifications. unnecessary that adversely affect your performance.

    Use third-party applications that decide what is really important for you.

    Applications like Inbox, Spark, Outlook Mailbox or even offer features such as “priority filters” smart notifications, scheduling emails … All of them used properly, can save a lot of time at the end of the day. Especially if you use the email intensively and mobility.

    The filters are your best friends.

    If you do not manage to get rid of certain newsletter or other irrelevant mail, you have no reason to lament and yield. In such cases, filters can be your best friends, because they will automatically these tasks much time you subtract the end . of the week

    Automate and have a tray cleaner entry with less effort For example, if you receive numerous emails from a store now not manage to unsubscribe from them, the solution is as simple as creating a filter to send those emails to the trash or any other folder. In the case of Gmail, You can create filters based on specific words or based on email addresses , which will save a lot of time and keep your tray input much cleaner.

    You can also create filters neat to keep your email . For example, I have set up a filter that automatically moves the receipts Amazon and other stores to a folder called “receipts”. Do not go through my inbox, but if I need, I know where they’ll be.

    Answer strictly necessary.


    Do not try to answer any e-mail. If you receive a mail without -meramente informative- questions, it is not generally necessary -at reply. For example, if you receive an email whose body says “Please note that the event will take place on day x x place” need not be answered except you should confirm attendance –

    Another example:. when a conversation comes to an end, not prolong . Do not give rise to new e-mails or sobreagradecimiento farewell. You will lose answering them time, you’ll be distracted when received and, to a greater or lesser extent, hurt your productivity.

    Organize into folders.

    Whether you receive a receipt for a purchase online as if you end a conversation, let those emails disappear from your inbox. The easiest option is to go filing, although the more classified prefer to create custom trays for each subject (electricity bills on the one hand, buying tickets for others, etc.). And there is nothing prettier than a clean tray and free entry email.


    Inbox zero target
    August 29, 2015

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