MacroDroid, the new task automator ready to outshine Tasker


Thanks to technology and new sensors that we provide our mobile devices, and more people take advantage of them to create applications. One of the examples are applications automating tasks , with them we establish a series of actions that will be performed by the device itself in various situations . Turn on WiFi at home, turn off the sound at night or simply increase the maximum brightness in the gallery are some of the many things we offer these applications.

If you have used a task automator, it is more likely that you have used Tasker, which we discussed earlier in our root application post compilation . Well, since XDA we find a new application created by one of the forum members that comes with direct competition set to make Tasker, is MacroDroid .

MacroDroid will facilitate your daily life

MacroDroid is an application developed by UndeadCretin , member of XDA Forum . The main objective of this application is to provide you with a little use your device to automatically perform actions for you depending on the situation where you are . MacroDroid comes with a predefined actions 30 you can set to your liking or combine with other actions easily and in seconds.

You can find a version free of MacroDroid in Play Store which only allow you to create up to a maximum of five tasks . If you want to create more predefined actions, you have to make a purchase in-app to move to the version Pro MacroDroid and thus you can create all the tasks you want. A good way to promote an application of this kind. You have to try before you buy.

Application on Google Play

No doubt that MacroDroid is on the right track to make Tasker competition with its ease of use, more than 30 different templates and intuitive interface that boasts . For my part, and I have installed on my device and I liked it better than Tasker, especially easy set of tasks. And you, have installed and tried this app?, Comments below what you thought!

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MacroDroid, the new task automator ready to outshine Tasker
November 18, 2013