Nokia 2.1 is the first update of Android Oreo Go to the Android Foot Go

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    Nokia 2.1 is the first update of Android Oreo Go to the Android Foot-Go

    The Nokia 2.1 is receiving the update to the Android Foot Go, becoming the first terminal with Android Oreo Go that is up to date, at least we have news. This update continues to the roadmap of the company, that was the update during the first quarter of the year.

    While Android One ensures the updates of the operating system, this is not the case with Android Go. The goal here is to lighten the system to work in mobile some specifications are very basic and, consequently, very cheap. Nokia is the only manufacturer that we have news that has updated its range more basic.

    is The exception that confirms the rule?


    Android Go was born in December 2017 as a cropped version of the Android Oreo focused on emerging markets, on devices with 512 MB or 1 GB of RAM. In the MWC last year we knew the first devices with Android Go, which at that time was based on Android Oreo. The Nokia 2.1 would come a little later, in may, with a starting price of 115 euros.

    later, Google announced that Android’s Foot it would also have its version Go, although the amount of changes were minimal. Mainly, it was a version still more reduced, something that is not trivial because the majority of terminals with Android Go have the storage just. In the case of Nokia 2.1, are 8 GB.

    despite the new version, the latest release of terminals with Android Go continued to be based on Android Oreo Go, as the Redmi Go, Alcatel 1C or Samsung Galaxy J4 Core. New mobile launched directly with Android Foot Go there are not many: the Blu Vivo Go and little more.

    The Nokia 1 will also be updated to Walk Go, during the next quarter

    With this scenario in the or the new releases include Android Walk Go, it is particularly relevant that Nokia has taken the trouble to upgrade one of its terminals more modest, although it will not be the only one. The Nokia 1, also to Android Go, you should receive the Android Foot Go in the second quarter of 2019. Will we see some other Android Go be updated?

    Via | GSMArena

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    Nokia 2.1 is the first update of Android Oreo Go to the Android Foot Go
    February 22, 2019

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