PlatinumGames working on something ‘unlike anything else’

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    The company is working on two projects of their own that they want to have creative control.

    Atsushi Inaba, head of PlatinumGames, has commented on today some details Bayonetta 3, but also intend to grow with licenses of their own, that do not depend on Sega, Nintendo, Square Enix or Konami. This strategy would allow more creative freedom and control to develop sequelae.

    right Now we are designing something that has never been done before. I know that a lot of people says, but the title in which we work is not like anything else. Even for the varied history of developers veterans -in the study-has not been designed before“, says Inaba.

    The problem of relying on the editors

    “it Is completely true that there are cases in which you want to make a sequel but if you don’t have the license, you can’t make it,”. This is one of the reasons for developing two sets of independently that have not been announced.

    for example, to the aftermath of Bayonetta “was not as simple as making the call and asking ‘can we do this?’. There are many pieces that must fit together, and negotiations for that to happen“.

    “it Is a problem. For us as creators, we want to get to the point in which we can autopublicar our own licenses and do what we want with them, including sequels. Just as soon as we have that freedom, the better it will go to all the creators we have.”

    PlatinumGames working on something 'unlike anything else'

    PlatinumGames working on something ‘unlike anything else’
    May 2, 2019

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