Pordede suffers a hack, and historic and platform urged to change passwords

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    • The platform viewing of series and films suffered a hacking on Tuesday.
    • Alert you that there are “webs fake” posing as Pordede to steal data from users.


    Pordede picked up the baton a few years ago of the platforms, as Series.ly or SeriesYonkis, offer links to view chapters from the series and films online. On Tuesday, there were many users who tried to gain access with your access codes without success, something usual when the site suffers an overload. What of that day, however, it was not due to saturation. After hours of falling, which placed Pordede as trénding topic platform, reported that it had been hacked, making to jump alarms users.

    The announcement came on the 18.00 hours via their official Twitter account, in which they recommended to change the password used to access other accounts, such as social networks or e-mails.

    “We are working to see how and if we can recover from this blow, we had never suffered such an attack, we do not know the author…”, detailed in the network of microblogging. “Web sites fake they try to phishing to steal data.”

    Hours later, the account claimed that the other sites fake trying to make ‘phishing’ by pretending to Pordede to steal the information of users. “If you use your password Pordede in other services, please cámbialas now”, drew attention. “It is very likely that in a matter of hours or days to sell data.”

    So, what more safe and advisable to change passwords and avoid clicking on any email with a link to a new Pordede.


    Pordede suffers a hack, and historic and platform urged to change passwords
    Source: www.20minutos.es  
    July 5, 2017

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