Samsung would Samsung Pay on almost all their mobile 2017, what sensors of fingerprints for all?

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    Samsung Pay

    The methods of mobile payments are being spread rapidly among the leading brands of telephony, mobile platforms, and of course banks. However, although the offer is huge, pay with the mobile phone is not so easy due to the fragmentation. Only in the case of Samsung Pay we find that only a few terminals are compatible with this technology, but this might change soon.

    The latest rumor about the future of the brand in south korea points to the possibility that Samsung Pay come installed as standard on all terminals that will launch in 2017, with the exception of some low-end computers. If confirmed, it will not only expand the scope of this payments system, if not that we would see more mobile ranges lower with fingerprint reader.

    The cost of fingerprint readers would be key

    One of the limitations faced by payment systems mobile as Samsung Pay is that the method of authentication is based on biometrics, that is to say, need a fingerprint reader to be able to function.

    at The beginning of the fingerprint readers were reserved almost exclusively to the flagship of their respective brands, but little by little we have been seeing as calaban in devices mid-range and as of today there are a delivery more common, but it still has to be something extended to the global level.

    Samsung Pay

    The reduction of costs for the implementation of fingerprint readers would be key in the deployment of this technology to more computers. According to Business Korea, Samsung would intend to carry this item to most smartphones of its catalog for 2017 but, as was said, there would still be some models of the most basic would be left out, so support would not be total.

    at the moment there are no details on the models will be out, but by previous statements of DJ Koh, chairman of the division of mobile in Samsung, you can get an idea:

    “When costs are reduced, we believe that the fingerprint readers can be installed in products more price-adjusted. We are considering installing sensors of fingerprints from the Galaxy series J”

    Currently the Samsung devices with fingerprint reader found in the series, Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, some Galaxy A, Galaxy C and the variants Prime series J. Will have to wait until next year to see how many models benefit from this technology.

    For the moment, Samsung is preparing the launch of Samsung Pay Mini, a version of its payment system focused on online transactions and reach out to more Android devices in January.

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    Samsung would Samsung Pay on almost all their mobile 2017, what sensors of fingerprints for all?
    December 15, 2016

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