‘Second Chance’, trailer of “adaptation” with changing personality of ‘Frankenstein’

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    Second Chance

    Sometimes it is difficult to trace the television projects that we could see in the near future, but if ‘Second Chance’ is most peculiar, since Fox first christened as ‘Frankenstein’, then they believed that this was too simple and they changed it to ‘The Frankenstein Code’, but later decided they did not want to be so obvious in the material they were based and left in ‘Lookinglass’. Of course, had time to repent again, now titled ‘ Second Chance ‘ and end can take a look at his trailer .

    In ‘Second Chance’ we see how a former sheriff who was killed during a robbery at the home of his son is brought back to life for two cienctíficos and founders of an empire of networking known by the name of Lookinglass . To complicate everything a little more, it resurrected as a rejuvenated version of himself and a series of physical skills ever had. The question now is to see what he does with this second opportunity they have given …

    Rob Kazinsky, Adhir Kalyan, Dilshad Vadsaria, Tim DeKay, Ciara Bravo and Vanessa Lengies head the cast of a series developed by Michael Cuesta and Fox he gave the green light late last May. Its premiere will take place on January 13 and I can not say I have good, the truth

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    News ‘Second Chance’, trailer of “adaptation” with changing personality of ‘Frankenstein’ was originally published in Go Tele by Mikel Zorrilla .

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    ‘Second Chance’, trailer of “adaptation” with changing personality of ‘Frankenstein’
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    November 20, 2015

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