Sub utilization and conservation documents (example)

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    performed on a textile company.

    There are no instructions in the archival procedures of the entity as to use of documents (although one chapter is devoted to the loan), and all to the preservation of the documents, which simply do weekly WC central file very cursory (sweep).

    Document Management shall establish, jointly with Human Resources, which is the agency that coordinates Physical resources (which also must be separated from the first and become a dependency as such), pest control (spraying) in the central file periodic and toilet as standard feature so that no dust is also grooming each one of the storage units.

    Establishment of preventive measures: signaling, proper use of fire extinguishers, with ongoing training brigade emergency.

    Also should expand and define the archival procedures instructional privileges according to the information and people who can access the information.

    However it is in the process of document scanning, they should generate electronic permitting systems with access profiles information so that each person can recover what is allowed and helpful in developing their role and work activities.

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    Sub utilization and conservation documents (example)
    September 19, 2013

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