SwiftKey Beta allows you to paste text faster than ever, and share your location

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    It’s a bad time to have a keyboard application, because Google is putting the batteries with Gboard and the keyboard own of each mark are getting better, but SwiftKey is determined to continue innovate. A proof of this are the innovations being tested in its Beta version.

    in Addition to include support for seven new languages, two new topics and improvements in accessibility, the most exciting new SwiftKey Beta are the stuck fast from the Clipboard and the possibility of share your location, directly from the keyboard.

    Paste text to full speed

    Usually, when you copy a text in Android clipboard is to then paste it somewhere. This involves change of application -or not – select the text box, do a long tap and then choose Paste. With the stuck fast on SwiftKey, you save a few steps.

    Simply, when you have a copied text in the clipboard, SwiftKey will suggest to insert immediately touch. The hint disappears once you have inserted for the first time or if you start to type any other text.


    Share your location

    The second curious novelty of SwiftKey in its alternative beta -for now – is to share your location, directly from the keyboard. Unfortunately for now is only available in Usa.

    The button, however, is available to all. What you will find after clicking on the button emoji, to the right of the button to add GIF. Presumably it will let you choose a location, and share it in a chat room, is expected as text. It could be with coordinates or with a web link that, taking into account that SwiftKey belongs to Microsoft, it will most likely be Bing Maps.


    If you want to try these new features before anyone else, only you need to install SwiftKey Beta. In this case, the developers have opted to publish the separate application on Google Play instead of using the system of betas.

    SwiftKey Beta

    SwiftKey BetaVaries with device

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    The news SwiftKey Beta allows you to paste text faster than ever, and share your location was originally published in Xataka Android by Ivan Ramirez .

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    SwiftKey Beta allows you to paste text faster than ever, and share your location
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    November 30, 2017

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