The falsehood that serve breakfast skipping slimming

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    • breakfast every day helps to balance the diet and weight maintenance.
    • must have at least one of the four food groups are: dairy , carbohydrates, fruits and other (eggs, animal fats, etc.).
    • The 8% of young people do not eat breakfast and 75% only take a liquid.

    • carbohydrates also : provide fiber and between 55 and 60% of energy.


    breakfast is the most important meal of the day and avoid is the least recommended . Or as Jose Manuel Avila, general manager of the Spanish Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN): “Many people think that skipping breakfast helps you lose weight and is quite the opposite. Scientific publications say that breakfast every day helps to balance your diet and keep your weight”.

    To that end the NPS has launched a campaign during Madrid” Fashion Week of Madrid that aims to demystify first meal of the day and what is consumed in it. So much so that nutritionists have included up hotcakes and batons in their proposals breakfast.

    This campaign, called ‘Breakfast Model’, is composed of five different options that are being offered throughout the week fashion. Each has very different products, but under the rule of having at least one of the four food groups are: dairy, carbohydrates, fruits and other (eggs, animal fats, etc.) .

    “A healthy breakfast should provide quarter of the energy we need a day, which would be 25% of the total. The problem is that in Spain, the 8% of those aged 15 to 24 do not eat breakfast, while 75% consume only liquid thing in the morning, “says the expert.

    These young people is focused this campaign, in which shown that girls and boys who look perfect on the runway, they do thanks to a good diet in which carbohydrates include not afraid , a type of food rather demonized lately.

    “Every time we consume less foods high in complex carbohydrates and eat more foods rich in animal protein. carbohydrates will give us between 55 and 60% of energy also provide the necessary fiber, “says the nutritionist.

    Cereals, breads and fritters are ideal to meet this need of the body and by the way, there is no denying that are a treat for the palate. “A well-fried fritter and using olive oil is much healthier than any croissant “, says the director of the NPS.

    Getting out of bed and eat something nutritious is a habit that whenever you have less , as the pace of life does not. “We’ve come to breakfast properly. Everything in this life are habits and the biggest problem is keeping them. The rush and the work in which we are immersed causes not take time to eat as a family and show children the importance of not leaving home without breakfast “emphasizes Avila.

    Five very healthy breakfast

    It’s time to give it the attention it deserves for breakfast, sit at the table for more than 15 minutes and enjoy the pleasures of food, always healthy. These are the proposals that the NPS has done for Fashion Week :

    • Breakfast vintage
      Cocoa Milk
      Churros / batons
    • Breakfast pret a porter (ready to wear)

      Cereal Yogurt Breakfast Coconut water


    • Breakfast sport

      Fresh cheese toasted wheat bread Olive oil


    • Breakfast casual
      Milkshake and fruit
      wheat bread with jam and butter
    • Breakfast trendy

      Orange juice Barrita of bread and cheese in portions
      Slice turkey

    The falsehood that serve breakfast skipping slimming
    September 16, 2013

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